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The tendency of US history textbooks is to justify any US atrocity from the point of view of the defense of US interests. “Exceptional” America is exempt from laws of morality applied to other countries. Republicans are attempting to prevent the introduction of the Advanced Placement curriculum until the textbook can be “revised” in order […]

The 2nd conference “New Horizon: the International Conference of Independent Thinkers” was held in Tehran, September 29–October 1 2014, including over 30 journalists, writers and academics from around the world presenting papers and arguing issues of world geopolitics, with a focus on the Middle East. I represented Canada, along with University of Lethbridge Globalization Studies […]

     The Signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776   In the light of the frequent disagreements witnessed nowadays in the transatlantic Western community as concerns the NATO Alliance and its relevancy, especially as it concerns Russia’s intentions toward the Baltic countries, the question arises: does the idea of the West include […]

    Russia has: Proved that the EU and Russia are inextricably linked; Regained its only warm-water port; Regained Crimea (Even Ukraine’s no longer asking for its return); Added two-thirds of the Ukraine navy, with officers and crews, to its Black Sea fleet; Doubled its rights to Black Sea oil thanks to Crimea’s long coastline; […]

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