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A Perfect Storm Brewing for Ireland’s Economy “We are now mainly borrowing to pay interest on the burgeoning national debt”[1] While much has been made recently of Ireland’s exit from the punishing EU/IMF bailout programme, Michael Noonan, the Finance Minister, has welcomed post-bailout ‘surveillance’. Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, said Ireland would be subjected to […]

Increased U.S. spending, especially at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, reflects Africa’s growing importance to counter-terrorism efforts. The Pentagon has begun a burst of spending in Africa, expanding its main base on the continent and investing in air facilities, flight services, telecommunications and electrical upgrades as the U.S. military deepens its footprint in a region with a rising threat of […]

The US arms spending is on the slide, while Russia and China are on the rise. The notion is repeated more and more frequently by some media outlets and experts. «Emerging military superpowers China and Russia sharply increased military expenditures in 2012 while spending by the US and most NATO-aligned European countries contracted», according to the […]

Australia’s 2013 defence white paper is a very paradoxical document. Although there were very few surprises in the purchases and future spending outlook, the spirit of the paper appears to signal the country’s abandonment of its self view as a “middle power” into what could be argued as “strategic withdraw”. This is particularly evident with defence spending expected to be as low as 1.5-2.0% of GDP over the coming decade. The white paper doesn’t choose between China and the US. This time round Canberra has undertaken a much more realistic strategic assessment of China-US rivalry and Australia’s position within this nexus. Australia has rhetorically dropped sides and stated that it accepts, and encourages China’s rise militarily within the region in line with its growth as an economic power.

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