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Failure to reach political settlement hinders development and relief Early in September United States President Barack Obama announced that he had carried out a targeted assassination killing the leader of the Al-Shabaab Islamic resistance organization in Somalia which has been fighting against the Federal Government and a regional military force for over six years. In […]

Al-Shabaab claims responsibility after leader was assassinated by Pentagon airstrike A reported car-bomb rammed into a convoy of troops from the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) on Sept. 8 killing at least twelve people including four from the United States. The attack was the first major response in the aftermath of the Pentagon airstrike […]

Regardless of Prime Minister Abe’s attempt to make the case that collective self-defense is constitutional, for some time the Self-Defense Forces have been working to achieve for Japan the status of a “state that can wage war overseas.” Behind this movement wriggles U.S. intent. “Solely defensive” has been rescinded and the ground prepared for the […]

U.S. admits that military advisers are functioning in Somalia Fierce battles have taken place in two states in South Sudan. Unity state, an oil-producing area, was retaken by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A). Other gains in Jonglei state by Juba around the capital of Bor have occurred with the assistance of the Ugandan military […]

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