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Political crisis deepens amid failure of neo-colonial state to address people’s needs At least 54 people have been reported killed outside the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo on the morning of July 8. Witnesses from the ongoing sit-in organized by the Muslim Brotherhood demanding the return of President Mohamed Morsi to office say that the shooting was unprovoked and resulted in the deaths of innocent men, women and children. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) which seized power on July 3 immediately denied responsibility for the massacre and claimed that their soldiers were attacked by armed people within the crowd. Military spokespersons say that their forces were merely acting in self-defense against purported “terrorists.”

Observers of Middle East politics have often said allegiances in the region shift as fast as the desert sands. And nothing substantiates that metaphor as much as the relationship between Israel and Turkey that went from warm to ice cold and now to a lukewarm «marriage of convenience». The two erstwhile friends are now working in an […]

US Egypt Policies Don’t Pass the Laugh Test A military coup in Egypt, resulted in the removal and imprisonment of the elected president, Mohamed Morsi, a closure of media outlets sympathetic to him, the house arrest of his advisors, and the suspension of the constitution. The military that overthrew Morsi is the main recipient of […]

On June 30 opposition political forces in Egypt brought people into the streets demanding early elections and the resignation of the Muslim Brotherhood dominated government headed by President Mohamed Morsi. Despite Morsi’s efforts to defend his views through the national media, the legacy of neo-colonialism in this North African state persists necessitating afirm break with imperialism as a pre-condition for the […]

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