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“At the same time the progressive evacuation in the 20th century of the nation-state as a means of class domination and the advent of a nomadic pirate class of financial capital, means that the practice of endemic global war has become indifferent to national territory and so functionally infinite in its horizons for future conflict. […]

[Editor’s note: The 4th Media has obtained the full (original) document of the Report from the DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies. It seems this is the first-time ever the DPRK has ever come up with such a scale of somewhat academic report on the issue of human rights. The 4th Media believes it’d be […]

Head of Oil Company that’s Most at Risk Of Declining Value: From Oil & Gas Is Burying His Head in the Tar-Sand About It     According to the landmark study of the impact that the rising world concerns about global warming will have destroying the market-value of oil company stocks, no large oil company is as vulnerable […]

“If Argentina were in a high-stakes chess match, the country’s actions this week would be the equivalent of flipping over all the pieces on the board”.  – David Dayen, Fiscal Times, August 22, 2014. Argentina is playing hardball with the vulture funds, which have been trying to force it into an involuntary bankruptcy. The vultures are […]

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