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Only collapse of industrial civilization can prevent climate change   Video – The Big Picture RT     Global warming is real – and possibly even worse than we’ve been told. Could it lead to the destruction of human civilization within just a few decades? For tonight’s Conversations With Great Minds – I’m joined by Guy McPherson […]

Global Research is posting several points of view with regard to Global Warming with a view to fostering analysis, discussion and scientific dialogue. For further details see our Dossier on Climate Change  (M.Ch., March 31, 2013) This article was originally published by Global Research in April 2007       There have been repeated claims that this […]

Northern California is taking the alarmist view of rising sea levels seriously as the government estimates that 1/3rd of a million residents are threatened in the San Francisco Bay/Delta region. The cost of building infrastructure to secure them is $60 billion. It is suggested that the power station, water-treatment plants, roads, buildings and airports are most vulnerable […]

Researchers are taking a second look at the possibility of using futuristic ships to shoot salt water high into the sky over the oceans, creating clouds that reflect sunlight and thus counter global warming; The theory behind idea, called “marine cloud brightening,” is that adding particles, in this case sea salt, to the sky over […]