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The propaganda preparation for 9/11 This article was first published by Global Research on June 13, 2002. You can access the original archive here. In the immediate aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Center, the finger of guilt was directed toward the only plausible author for such a sophisticated and ruthless act of terror […]

    When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down on July 17, 2014, we were immediately inundated with base propaganda trying to convince us that the shootdown could be traced back to the Kremlin. But what was this rush to judgement based on? What have we learned about the crash since then? Why has MH17 […]

Amid the propaganda in Barack Obama’s speech at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela in Soweto on December 10, was an encoded signal. Obama’s so-called eulogy was really intended to reaffirm a well-advanced plan to construct a transnational empire. This article explores how an emergent transnational capitalist class ensured that the South African uprising would result in a false solution that appeared to end apartheid, and why this story has been covered-up by the Global Media Complex. Spooky spin: Obama telling a freedom-themed fable in Soweto Befriending a legacy of ‘freedom’ in a bank-sponsored sports stadium At a memorial service held for Nelson Mandela, United States President Barack Hussein Obama said, “We will never see the likes of Nelson Mandela again”.

The following letter of plea in support of Korean people’s just struggle for truth, justice and democracy is fully endorsed by The 4th Media. The 4th Media also joins wonderful friends around the world who’ve voluntarily initiated and worked hard to form the “Alliance of Conscientious People of the World.” In order to make this just effort further globally recognized and practically effective, first of all, The 4th Media, together with its global partners such as Global Research in Canada, nsnbc international in Denmark/Germany, ANSWER Coalition in Washington, DC, and so on, intends to help our Korean brothers and sisters who’ve launched their hard and lonely struggle to fight against the “US-installed ultra-right wing and anti-North regime.”

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