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BEIJING — More than 9 million of China’s students started on Tuesday to take the world’s largest standardized college entrance examination. Construction sites across the country have been ordered to suspend work at night and noon, so as to create a peaceful environment for students to prepare for the exam. Bans on private cars in […]

Students at the South University of Science and Technology of China are refusing to take the national college entrance examination. Known as gaokao in Chinese, the test is required by the country’s education authority. But the 45 students at the reform-based school wrote an open letter on the Internet saying the exam was “inappropriate” for […]

BEIJING – Onlookers can be forgiven for thinking that the whiskered middle-aged man walking into the exam room is a father of one of the test takers there. “] Liang Shi, 44, attends a class for pre-exam training in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, last week to prepare for the national college entrance examination. [Provided […]

The national college entrance exam is less than two weeks away, and 9 million Chinese high school students are freaking out. That’s normal. But in a sign that Chinese educational habits are changing, teachers at some schools this year are trying to calm their students, instead of piling on the stress as they usually do. […]