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The Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement in in trouble, and one of the reasons is Japan has refused to eliminate agricultural tariffs.  Japan is entirely correct in this. Japan’s agriculture is not efficient: it costs more to grow food in Japan than it does in many other nations.  If Japan removed its tariffs, its agricultural […]

In my recent post on Ebola I mentioned that the turn off point for Africa being able to handle an epidemic was in the 70s and 80s. That’s worth a full post on its own. The first thing to understand is this: 3rd world GDP growth in the post-war liberal period (roughtly 46-68 or so), […]

Failure to reach political settlement hinders development and relief Early in September United States President Barack Obama announced that he had carried out a targeted assassination killing the leader of the Al-Shabaab Islamic resistance organization in Somalia which has been fighting against the Federal Government and a regional military force for over six years. In […]

Before beginning to read this article, bear in mind that we do not need GM food. The world is quite capable of feeding itself without GMOs: for example, look, here, here, here, here and here for the evidence. Now to the article… Everything we do involves risk. When we board a plane, we take a risk. However, we assume that the plane […]

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