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Update (June 3, 14 hours UT) With security heightened throughout the country, elections in Syria are proceeding normally. The country has largely been pacified following the retreat of terrorist opposition forces from Homs in early May. The elections have not been disrupted and no major terrorist event has been reported. Reports confirm a high turn […]

Ruling party to remain dominant for the next five years     Twenty years after Freedom Day in 1994, the African National Congress (ANC) has won overwhelmingly in the fifth national democratic elections held inside the country. The ANC, which has dominated South African politics for decades even prior to coming to power two decades […]

  http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/06/world/americas/nicolas-maduro-amanpour-interview/index.html   CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Mr President, thank you for joining me, welcome to our program. PRESIDENT NICOLAS MADURO: Thank you for being here with us here in Venezuela. AMANPOUR: And welcome to CNN of course. MADURO: CNN is always welcome to Venezuela. I am very thankful to see you here so we can talk […]

Leaked documents have revealed evidence of a plot to destabilize Venezuela and undermine the rule of leftist President Nicolas Maduro. The papers appear to substantiate Caracas’ claims of outside attempts to cripple the country through internal sabotage. Documents obtained by a contributor to RT’s Spanish channel, Eva Golinger, detail a structured plan to erode the […]

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