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  In what the New York Times declared as a “dark day for the rule of law” on December 11, 2012, HSBC, the world’s second largest bank, failed to be indicted for extensive criminal activities in laundering money to and from regimes under sanctions, Mexican drug cartels, and terrorist organizations (including al-Qaeda). While admitting culpability, […]

Black markets of female ova are being operated by agencies in Beijing. They target girl students from famous universities and pay tens of thousands of yuan, the Beijing News reported Monday. More than 10 young girls, who are all from famous universities in Beijing, sat in a café. Clients – most of whom are couples – sat […]

table 1   According to Jingan Branch of Shanghai Charity Foundation, as of September 5, 2011, the donation for 11.15 Fire is about 54.6992 million yuan, while 28.347 million yuan has been used, remaining 26.3522 million yuan. Social donations was strictly used and managed in accordance with relevant provisions of law. There are strict procedures […]

On September 6, Shanghai authorities responded on the donation rumor of Jingan fire. The rumor said that only 4.2 million yuan of 44.8 million yuan donation distributed to the victims of Jingan fire. Jingan Branch of Shanghai Charity Foundation said that the donation of 11·15 Fire, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, was earmarked […]