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Editor's note: This new section of Young Scholars' Voices is created to encourage young scholars (Masters & PhD students) from around the world to participate in The 4th Media's Global Dialogue as an International Open Forum. The 4th Media cordially invites young international scholars to present and freely share their genuine thoughts, ideas and wishes for a better future of the world. Anybody who is interested in this global open forum are strongly encouraged to submit their articles and papers to The 4th Media at [email protected] However, FYI, if submitted articles and papers are filled with ill-willed thoughts and/or ideologically-tainted reproaches and flak for certain political ends, then all those articles and papers won't be honored and therefore will not be posted on our site. Thank you for your active participations in this Global Open Dialogue.

I would like to talk about the current conflict that is going on between Israel and militant Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip. We need to end the mindless chanting and fights on social media and realize that neither group is a monolith, that there are innocent people who are being killed. I don’t support […]

Recently it has been reported that there are some ‘problems’ within the Syrian opposition as the United States attempts to restructure the opposition as way to provide the rebels with more aid. It seems that there is much infighting going on that may be tearing the Syrian opposition apart. On October 30th, Josh Rubin at Foreign […]

Abstract: This paper aims to explain the rise of political Islam in the last two decades in Turkey and its effects on Turkish Syrian relations. I believe, without referring to the historical and theoretical background of Political Islam, it would not be easy to understand the domestic and foreign political practices of Turkey in recent […]

While the United States is busy plotting the downfall of various anti-hegemonic regimes in the global south, it has also been pursuing another strategy to stave off crisis and possible loss of global supremacy: fusion technology, the ‘holy grail’ of energy. Unlike fission, in which heavy atoms are split into lighter ones, fusion combines light-weight […]

It has been reported recently that Turkey is firing artillery shells into northern Syria due to a mortar attack. The situation is quite tense and could potentially lead the way for a Turkish intervention into Syria. On October 3rd, the BBC reported that “Turkey has renewed firing at targets inside Syria after two women and three children […]

The protests were made and demonstrations were staged by Muslims all over the world condemning the blasphemy movie made by US against their Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which shattered the feelings of billions of Muslims and damaged the simple meaning of freedom of thought and speak. The word ‘Islam’ is derived from the Arabic word […]

Yes, I would like to admit that this November, I will be voting third party. However, contrary to what many do or would like to believe, I am not wasting my vote. When stating that you are going to vote third party, one is usually met with the typical dismissals that “you’re wasting your vote” and “there’s […]

Underneath all the shallow K-Pop, fashion and modern entertainment, South Korea remains an interesting country with a profound past. My travels in South Korea certainly made me realize the tragedy of intervention, the inescapable fate of divide and the possibility of a much more peaceful future. The first impression of South Korea was of course […]

It has recently been revealed that last Sunday, the Israeli Cabinet has passed new changes to their protocol, giving more power to the Prime Minister. Globes reported last week: The cabinet today approved changes to cabinet protocol, which broaden the prime minister’s powers, giving him greater control over ministers’ work. The 51-page document lists amendments drawn […]

Pakistan wants strong democracy today Pakistan is a Muslim democratic country. It’s been 65 years since the British departed from the Subcontinent after dividing the subcontinent into two independent countries, India and Pakistan, on 14 August 1947.     This is the time to re-think about the democracy in Pakistan as the political situation here […]

It is up to you to decide what is real and what is surreal as we, the average citizens and the hope of tomorrow, are witnessing major events happening around us. Below are some simple observations which may or may not challenge what is real and surreal. I will be arguing from the Chinese perspective […]

Determining whether a phenomenon or movement is right or wrong is not my focal and primary unit of analysis. Instead of focusing on whether the 1% or 99% of the population benefits or suffers from Neoliberalism, a personal view of this movement is that in accordance with the development, climate and needs of contemporary society, […]

For the past two centuries, Western world with a single uniformed ideology has been in control. Often through aggressive and bold conquests, their methodology in dealing with other world members carries a strong sense of ‘self-labelled superiority’. The truth is not one country is in my view more superior or better or stronger than another. […]

Finale: World Symphony and the Conductor If we compare the whole world to a concert hall, different countries play different instruments and together they produce the melody and the chords. The music goes with the development of the history. When the time is hard, the chapter becomes bitter. When there is a period of rapid […]

“Escape from Freedom”* It is the best of times. It is the worst of times. If you look at the GDP figures, you may find a general economic growth in most countries. Technology and science has greatly developed. Varied cultures and thoughts also make the earth a shining pearl of beauty and wisdom. People have […]

 If Washington and Beijing clash and spiral into major war then, for Australia, such perpetual enmity will result in suffering trade and a tattered economic relationship with China  (White, October 2011 p.11).  Sydney Morning Herald – Alan Moir: A Rock and A Hard Place Australia, the world’s biggest island, is located on the southern edge […]

There are some very serious issues plaguing not only America but also all around the world right now: unemployment and the recession. There are several themes that unite recent readings, but I think there is one theme that tends to be overlooked– the numbers, the data, the figures and the statistics. As an economist by […]

I was only seven years old when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War came to an end. While this event, infamous for some and celebrated by others, marked the end of more than seventy years of failed policy of the planned economy, what followed was not necessarily better. All of a sudden, the […]

What Matters and How to Get There Sitting in a Beijing Starbucks, sipping an iced coffee on a steamy early-summer afternoon, I can’t help but marvel at how fortunate I am. I’m surrounded by smart-phone tapping Chinese businessmen, blonde-haired expats and hip locals wearing fresh Nikes and sipping chilled lattes. Soft-sounding pop music flows from […]

Make no mistake; Joseph Kony is an evil man. This paper is not a defense of Kony or his Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA) who have been responsible for child abductions, mutilations, and mass killings. Do I believe that Joseph Kony is a bad man? Indeed. However, do I believe that the United States’ military deployment into […]

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