Yoichi Shimatsu
Yoichi Shimatsu who is Editor at Large at the 4th Media is a free lance journalist based in Hong Kong. He is former Editor of the Japan Times Weekly. Mr. Yoi is a former Tsinghua University lecturer. He's been regularly writing to several global media outlets including US, China and so on. He's been frequently sitting on CCTV News, Blue Ocean Network TV and other global media outlets in China, Hong Kong and other countries.

KUALA LUMPUR –  Anyone with the chutzpah to accuse Israel of genocide is going to bring on a preemptive strike. That is as guaranteed as cream cheese on a bagel. The word “genocide” is loaded, since many and probably most Jews believe themselves to have a monopoly on the term.  Most often cited in reference to the […]

Yoichi Shimatsu says US has proved itself a poor advocate of democracy Carved on a plaque in its famous grassy quadrangle is the informal slogan of Tsinghua University: “Deeds speak louder than words”, which is the streetwise summary of its formal motto “Self-discipline and Social Commitment”. Either version explains how the US government has failed […]

Ten years ago, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded on descent during a top-secret mission. At the time, my analysis of the cause of the blast drew support from American aerospace engineers along with angry death threats from zealots in the Israeli Air Force. Not only was the Israeli military incensed by my revealing that their faulty laser gun system had destroyed the U.S. space craft from within but also that the expose was seen as insulting to astronaut Ilan Ramon, the Israeli war hero who had earlier led the air strike on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor. The Challenger disaster of January 28, 1986, was immediately followed by the greatest cover-up in aerospace history, an information blackout that continues till now, even after the termination of the shuttle program.

Bloggers have described Beijing’s media brawl between CCTV Dialogue anchor Yang Rui and Charlie Custer, editor of ChinaGeeks, as a “flame war” between two hot-heated individuals. The controversy is hardly a personal matter when taking into account the agenda and insider connections of Custer’s employer and paymaster, Link Media/Link TV. Ample evidence and the back story, in fact, reveal Link Media Inc. connections with intelligence services. Whatever prompted “Custer’s last stand”, his personal record does not indicate that he’s a shagadelic spy like Austin Powers, but just that he’s a “useful idiot” for media higher-ups who need suicide bloggers to make exploding noises to impress their government funders.

William Shakespeare is the world’s greatest playwright ever, and that he is for sure, but surprisingly there are certain interest groups who loathe the Bard: Some, though not all, Jews hate him for the Jewish money-lender character Shylock in “The Merchant of Venice” Some feminists, though not all, hate him for his misogynist portrayal in  […]

Financial speculators are turning their street theater known as Occupy Wall Street from anti-capitalism toward regime change in America. The protests out of Zuccotti Park and Ogawa Plaza are being retargeted to destabilize the U.S. economy through the shutdown of the Port of Oakland along with a “money withdrawal” campaign to pull savings accounts out of major banks. Blocking exports to Asia is not going to create jobs; rather it is aimed at spurring mass layoffs of unionized workers in the wine, cotton and fruit sectors while paralyzing Silicon Valley.

Anonymous, cosponsor of OWS, have already launched denial-of-service attacks on banks and financial security firms, while agents provocateurs are instigating violent clashes by throwing glass bottles at police officers in Oakland. The objectives of the assault against trade, banking and municipal governments are to socially isolate the residual left-liberal base to prevent the reelection of Barack Obama. Escalation into arson and looting can be expected to discredit labor unions and community groups, breaking the backbone of the Obama campaign.

Lampang, Thailand – The silvery surface reflecting lines of trees extends without horizon, merging with the sky, as if the whole world was underwater. Invisible from the causeway road are the farmhouses raised on stilts where Thai families huddle over the rising lake or the patches of high ground where their pale brahmin cattle nip […]

At the news of the suicide of Situationist founder Guy Debord in late 1994, I took it as the last act of a polemicist whose reputation had fallen into the footnotes in the history of the New Left. Certainly, nobody in their right or left mind could seriously follow his example of pulling the trigger […]

The Nazis are back on the streets of the Western world. This time, they’re not wearing swastika armbands or raising the straight-arm salute. Instead, neo-Nazi operatives are keeping a low profile, tweeting messages over iPhones, communicating with hand signals and brandishing propaganda posters from Adbusters. Despite appearances of free-for-all equality at Occupy Wall Street protests, […]

The American media’s avoidance of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS), as noted in the Chinese press, stands in sharp contrast with the zealous press coverage of pro-democracy protests at Tahrir Square that toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Perhaps the U.S. media do not want Barack Obama to suffer the same fate.    The United States, […]

In just this year, seven monks have torched themselves in protest of restrictions at Kirti monastery, in the Aba district of Sichuan Province. Prior to self-immolation, each monk called for Chinese authorities to permit the homecoming of the 14th Dalai Lama. The burnings follow upon earlier suicides by a dozen monks and a nun.    […]

Coco Chanel famously said: “My friends, there are no friends.” The French fashion designer, a Nazi collaborator during the wartime occupation, would have found a comfortable fit in with the “Friends of Libya” in New York. The meeting, a sequel to an earlier summit in Sarkozy’s Paris, is aimed at expanding international support for the […]

A virtual unknown to the world, Japan’s new prime minister is Yoshihiko Noda, who has just scored an upset in the 5-way premiership race as the dark horse of the Finance Ministry. If you’re not interested in money, that’s all there is to know so go back to playing your computer game. If, however, you’ve  […]

The handshake between President Richard Nixon and Chairman Mao Zedong that began the integration of the People’s Republic of China into the international community has just reached its apotheosis. Over the past two weeks, a series of muted codewords and subtle gestures may not have exhibited the drama of the Nixon-Mao breakthrough yet it nevertheless […]

Harare – The Summit of the 3Z Alliance today announced that its Defence Ministries have declared a No-Fly Zone over Londonstan to prevent human-rights abuses against the democratic opposition forces led by the heroic Tottenham United Front (TUF). The 3Z Alliance, the military union of Zimbabwe, Zambia and former Zaire, has sent a diplomatic note […]

This year’s Salafist-led rebellion in Libya, backed by the Western powers, pumped new blood into Islamist militancy worldwide. In Xinjiang, the U.S.-promoted Jasmine Revolution provided water for the seed planted by Omar Ibn Khattab. The question remains: Can that tender sprout of an Islamist Republic of East Turkestan survive under the blistering heat of a sun that rises out of the east?

What triggered Buckingham Palace to precipitate the parliamentary firestorm was the MI-5 surveillance program’s finding News of the World was reopening their investigation of who, exactly, ordered the assassination of the Princess of Wales, nee Diana Spencer.

Residents and expatriates inside one of Beijing’s last unspoiled hutongs or traditional alleyways, are being stunned by the exposure of slave-like working conditions and violent attacks on laborers at a construction site in their usually calm neighborhood. Wudaoying is a retreat for expats and the urban elite with its row of restaurants including the Vineyard […]

For nearly two decades, the World Bank and United Nations hailed the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) as a corporate model of environmental responsibility Japan’s major utility was seen as an exemplary member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, along with its technology partners GE, Toshiba and Hitachi. To fulfill emission cuts under […]

The decommissioning of the Fukushima 1 nuclear plant is delayed by a single problem: Where to dispose of the uranium fuel rods? Many of those rods are extremely radioactive and partially melted, and some contain highly lethal plutonium. Besides the fissile fuel inside the plant’s six reactors, more than 7 tons of spent rods have […]

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