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Senior lawmaker Kazem Jalali says if faced with a threat Iran will definitely use the defensive potential of the strategic Strait of Hormuz.     Pointing to the strategic importance of the Strait of Hormuz, Jalali said on Monday that while Iran would like all countries to use this energy conduit but if threatened it […]

Iraq was an equation with three unknowns. After the withdrawal of the US, one of the unknowns in this equation was resolved, leaving two parameters to compete with each other. Still, Iraq will be divided into three parts. The division of a country into three parts rather than two increases the number of the possible […]

January 02, 2012 “Daily Star” — BRITAIN is gearing up for fighting in Syria that could be bigger and bloodier than the battle against Gaddafi. The Ministry of Defence is drawing up secret plans for a NATO-sponsored no-fly zone but first it needs backing from the United Nations Security Council. As the unrest and killings […]

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Rodong Sinmun, Joson Inmingun and Chongnyon Jonwi, leading newspapers of the DPRK, on Sunday published a joint editorial “Glorify this year 2012 as a year of proud victory, a year when an era of prosperity is unfolding, true to the instructions of the great GeneralKim Jong Il”. The full text of the editorial is as […]

If The Reactors Are “Cold”, It May Be Because Most of the Hot Radioactive Fuel Has Leaked Out The Japanese Government and Tepco say that they have achieved a “cold shutdown” of Fukushima nuclear reactors. Specifically, they claim that the water inside the reactors is now below the boiling point. In reality, no one knows […]

The encirclement of Syria and Lebanon has long been in the works. Since 2001, Washington and NATO have started the process of cordoning off Lebanon and Syria. The permanent NATO presence in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Syrian Accountability Act are part of this initiative. It appears that this roadmap is based on a 1996 […]

Before the first bomb falls disinformation specialists prepare the ground. Leading media outlets, foreign policy journals and a plethora of think tanks funded by elite foundations, energy and weapons’ conglomerates, “right,” “left” or “center” take your pick, churn out war propaganda disguised as “analysis.” From the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) to the neoliberal Center […]

The 4th Media’s Exclusive Report from Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK) The Second Report Dec. 25, 2011 Dr. Kiyul Chung, Editor-in-Chief, The 4th Media December 22, 2011 On December 22nd around 5 PM, AirCorea JS 252 landed in Soon-ahn(順安) International Airport in Pyongyang. It was so cold. The temperature was minus 6 degrees. The Pyongyang sky […]

The First Report: Dec. 23, 2011 Dr. Kiyul Chung, Editor-in-Chief, The 4th Media An Introductory Note on Kim Jong Il’s Legacy and His “Military First Politics” On December 21, the Beijing-based April Media Group, particularly its English website the 4th Media was officially invited to visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to cover […]

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin   Russia has revised an anti-Syria draft resolution forwarded by the United Nations Security Council, removing condemnation of Damascus. Russia has removed the statement in the previous draft, which calls on the Council to “strongly condemn the disproportionate use of force by Syrian authorities.” Submitting the revised draft […]

Channel 4 makes Goebbels proud with conveniently timed propaganda piece. With the UN’s recent “human rights” report falling flat, for lack of evidence and being compiled by Karen Koning AbuZayd, a director of the US Washington-based corporate think-tank, Middle East Policy Council, that includes Exxon men, CIA agents, US military and government representatives, and even […]

Pyongyang, December 20 (KCNA) — A mourning period of three days was proclaimed in Cuba over the demise of leaderKim Jong Il. On Monday, the Council of State of Cuba announced the days from Dec. 20 to 22 as an official period of mourning over the demise ofKim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers’ […]

European intelligence source claims Iran stuns West by ‘aiming a laser burst quite accurately’ at US satellite in never before reported incident. US official: If Russians provided Iran with sophisticated jamming equipment it means a lot else is at risk too By Dudi Cohen December 17, 2011 Ynetnews” — Is Iran in possession of satellite […]

According to the Congressional Research Service, the United States has appropriated $806 billion for the direct cost of invading and occupying Iraq. Including debt service since 2003, that sum rises to approximately $1 trillion. The White House estimates the number of U.S. military wounded at 30,000; the web site states that U.S. military fatalities […]

It looks like the war pigs are about to pull another Iraq. In the orchestrated lead-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a cabal of neocons and fellow travelers in the Pentagon contrived a number of lies – later explained away as “intelligence failures” – in order to fabricate a consensus for mass murder. […]

[Global Research Editor’s Note] This text by Vietnam War Veteran, author and peace activist Brian Willson was first published by Global Research in 2002. It outlines, what most people in America do not know  and which is particularly relevant in assessing the alleged “threats” of North Korea to global security.  North Korea lost thirty percent of its population […]

In March, 2009, US President B. Obama announced a plan to withdraw the US forces from Afghanistan in 2011-2014. In the meantime, though, the US troops in the country grew in size to reach 100,000 by the spring of 2011, and the actual preparations for the withdrawal began in February, 2011 after US Vice President […]

  Is there a Correlation?   The multiple nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima plants beginning on March 11, 2011, are releasing large amounts of airborne radioactivity that has spread throughout Japan and to other nations; thus, studies of contamination and health hazards are merited. In the United States, Fukushima fallout arrived just six days after […]

A cursory review of quotes over the past decade and a half illustrates just how aligned the most powerful Democrats in Washington were with George W. Bush when it came to the threat they thought Saddam Hussein posed to America. The Democratic quotes also show how short our collective memory is as a nation.  Clinton’s […]

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