Yitzhak Laor
Yitzhak Laor is a globally-read, -recognized and -influential columnist at Haaretz.com in Israel. His articles and commentaries have harshly challenged Israeli colonization of Palestine. Over the years, he's been also critical of US Middle East policy in regard to US-Israeli relations, Israeli-Palestine relations, Israeli-Arab/Islam relations and so on.

The destruction of Iraq – a crime with the scope of genocide – began with aerial attacks and a siege that went on for more than a decade. No one planned the moves at the time. So there’s no point asking what the goal of the attack on Libya is. Saving human lives? As in Iraq? Maybe democracy? As in Saudi Arabia? Those who possess giant war machines with funding for research and development prefer trial and error. There are no goals. Will Al-Qaida also get there quickly? Well, there’s a huge arsenal that needs refreshing, once in the name of “human rights,” once in the name of “the war on terror.” Something will come out of this. Ratings, oil, a peace conference, photo-ops, Sarkozy next to Angela Merkel, Berlusconi next to David Cameron and Barack Obama. A smile. Speeches.