Syed Rizwan
Dr. Syed Rizwan who is a Pakistani national is a Post- Doctorate in major Condensed Matter Physic at Peking University. He's earned his first PhD from Tsinghua University in the field of Nuclear Science, Beijing, China.

Addressing in the National Defense University, Washington, the U.S President Barack Hussain Obama defended the assassination under drone strikes in Pakistan as a just war. He appreciated the drone strikes as the more efficient way to target the militants aiming to continue it in future in order to kill more Talibans. The so-called ‘war on […]

The protests were made and demonstrations were staged by Muslims all over the world condemning the blasphemy movie made by US against their Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which shattered the feelings of billions of Muslims and damaged the simple meaning of freedom of thought and speak. The word ‘Islam’ is derived from the Arabic word […]

Pakistan wants strong democracy today Pakistan is a Muslim democratic country. It’s been 65 years since the British departed from the Subcontinent after dividing the subcontinent into two independent countries, India and Pakistan, on 14 August 1947.     This is the time to re-think about the democracy in Pakistan as the political situation here […]