Saul Landau
Saul Landau is journalist, filmmaker, and commentator. He is Professor Emeritus at California State University, Pomona. He is a senior Fellow at and Vice Chair of the Institute for Policy Studies. His academic career includes being Professor at American University, Director of Digital Media Programs and Hugh O. Bounty Chair of Applied Interdisciplinary Knowledge at Cal Poly Pomona,[1] and Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The political elite and its stenographic media don’t classify types of terrorists. If they did we would get the good, the bad and the crazy.  Since no one is perfect, the virtuous purveyors of death and destruction naturally need flexibility. Mistakes occasionally occur. For example, when US drones – a basic weapon for virtuous terrorists […]

“The reason we have a Department of Defense is to break things and kill people. The problem we have now is that so much of the money is not going to the people who are breaking things and killing people.” – Ret. Marine General Arnold L. Punaro, Member of the Defense Business Board, to the […]