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Rick Rozoff lives and works in Chicago and has been an active opponent of war, militarism and intervention for over 40 years. He manages the Stop NATO e-mail list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stopnato) and website (http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com) and writes on the threat of international militarization, especially on the globalization of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Website: www.rickrozoff.wordpress.com Email: [email protected]

In the 1930s it was a notorious fact the German government of Adolf Hitler chose the month 0f March ( Ides of Mars),  to perpetrate its most daring moves in reasserting the nation as a continental power, culminating in the most deadly war in history. For example: March 1933: German federal election brings Hitler to […]

The “military machine” of the United States is “out of control” as it is spreading its military tentacles throughout the Asia-Pacific region amid a massive and unprecedented series of war games in Australia, an antiwar activist says. Approximately 20,000 US troops descended on Australia’s east coast for a joint military exercise this week in the biggest such exercise to date.
“This is part of the Obama administration’s signaled so-called Asia-Pacific shift or Pivot,” Rick Rozoff, manager of the Stop NATO organization said in a phone interview with Press TV’s US Desk on Thursday.

Media Reports on the Tragic Assassination of  US Ambassador  J. Christopher Stephens New York Times September 12, 2012 J. Christopher Stevens arrived in Benghazi, Libya, in April 2011 aboard a Greek cargo ship carrying a dozen American diplomats and guards and enough vehicles and equipment to set up a diplomatic beachhead in the middle of […]

Turkey already has troops in Syria and has threatened military action to protect the site they guard. A 1921 agreement between Ottoman Turkey and France (the Treaty of Ankara), the latter at the time the colonial administrator of Syria, guaranteed Turkey the right to station military personnel at the mausoleum of Suleyman Shah (Süleyman Şah), the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman I (Osman Bey). Turkey considers the area adjacent to the tomb to be its, and not Syria’s, sovereign territory and late last month reinforced its 15-troop contingent there. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated the following in an interview televised on August 5: “The tomb of Süleyman Şah and the land surrounding it is our territory. We cannot ignore any unfavorable act against that monument, as it would be an attack on our territory, as well as an attack on NATO land. Everyone knows his duty, and will continue to do what is necessary.”

On August 3 the United Nations General Assembly voted on a resolution written by Saudi Arabia condemning both the government of Syria for the preponderance if not all the violence in the country and Russia and China for not conceding to Western and Persian Gulf monarchies’ demands for “regime change” in Damascus.  In an irrefutable […]

Recent reports detail a Turkish military buildup on the Turkish-Syrian border with various accounts mentioning the deployment of troops, tanks, armored personnel carriers and missile batteries two kilometers from Syrian territory, with 25 tanks from the Mardin 70th Mechanized Brigade engaged in exercises along the border. The Turkish rationale for the military escalation is that […]

On July 4 NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen delivered an address entitled “NATO – delivering security in the 21st century” at the Chatham House in London that should lay to rest forever any doubts about Western plans, already well underway, to create an international military network dominated by the United States and its major […]

Of Strategic Interest To NATO: The Militarization of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf On June 18 Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen met with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Nizar Madani at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The head of the Western military alliance extended an invitation to […]

After the U.S. begins to wind down more than ten consecutive years of combat, mainly counterinsurgency, operations in what has variously been labeled the Broader, Greater and New Middle East, war-tested troops are being prepared for redeployment to Africa and Latin (largely South) America.* Last September President Barack Obama hailed the five million U.S. soldiers […]

In the middle of her three-nation tour of the South Caucasus, on June 5 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with fellow short-term New Yorker Mikheil Saakashvili in Georgia. The latter is a premiere, a greatly favored, a nonpareil American satrap, for whom the doors of the White House and the op-ed pages of the […]

On June 4 NATO’s Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key signed a partnership agreement at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. As the Western military bloc reported, the Individual Partnership Cooperation Programme conferred on the South Pacific nation “formalised ties between the two sides after almost two decades of increased […]

The press wires are reporting on intensified fighting in Mali between the nation’s military and ethnic Tuareg rebels of the Azawad National Liberation Movement in the north of the nation. As the only news agencies with global sweep and the funds and infrastructure to maintain bureaus and correspondents throughout the world are those based in […]

CHICAGO SUMMIT TO CONSOLIDATE “GLOBAL NATO”: Hillary Clinton Promotes 22nd Century NATO Ahead Of Summit After wars in three continents – Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya – and permanent naval operations in the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Sea, Clinton envisions that the Chicago summit will consolidate and expand the role of the world’s only military […]

On April 7 Fox News Chicago reported on Occupy Chicago’s march through the city’s downtown, the Loop, recording that hundreds of protesters chanted “End the war, tax the rich” during part of the group’s Chicago Spring actions throughout the city “as the movement prepares for NATO.” Earlier in the day Occupy activists received training for […]

Interview with Rick Rozoff, the manager of the Stop NATO website and mailing list, a contributing writer to GlobalResearch.ca, and a regular contributor to the Voice of Russia. Recorded on January 12, 2012    Mikheil Saakashvili, some have called him NATO’s favorite despot.   I think that’s an accurate characterization of Mr. Saakashvili, yes. He made some statements that […]

“U.S not in a position to criticize Russian elections,” said NATO expert Rick Rozoff in an interview with Voice of Russia journalist John Robles, reproduced below. Most importantly, he highlighted that while US State Secretary Hillary Clinton is concerned about Russian democracy, Washington’s plans for building a ring of missile “defence” systems encircling Russia have […]

The League of Arab States (Arab League) suspended the membership of Syria in the organization on November 12 as it had with Libya on February 22 of this year. In the case of Libya, whose membership was reinstated after NATO bombed proxy forces into power in late August, reports at the time indicated that member […]

Interview with Rick Rozoff, the manager of the Stop NATO website and mailing list and contributing writer to www.globalresearch.ca. How are you today, Mr. Rozoff?  Rather distressed by the news of this morning. Or yesterday morning in your case.  Ok, what is your first impression?  It was a brutal, gratuitous slaying of an almost 70-year-old […]

Libya may be yet another country for NATO to take root in, suspects Rick Rozoff, who sees the repetition of an all-too-familiar modus operandi. First, NATO carpet bombs the whole country from top to bottom, then sets up military bases and finally doesn’t leave. In Kosovo, Camp Bondsteel is still going strong, and there are […]

With NATO as intermediary, facilitator and Trojan horse, the Pentagon has established itself – with bases, troops and missiles – along the entire length of Eastern Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean. Two weeks after the United States started its third rotation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Baltic air patrol on September […]

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