Phil Butler
Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. He is a news journalist, editor, and analyst, and a partner in one of Europe’s leading PR and digital marketing firms, Pamil Visions PR. He contributes to the Huffington Post, The Epoch Times in print and online, Japan Today, and dozens of other media including Russia Today.

France is tired of the suffering caused by needless, baseless sanctions imposed on Russia. So, French parliamentarians have just approved a resolution not to renew sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, A number of EU states, including Greece, will support the removal of the anti-Russian sanctions at a June EU summit. And as for Germany, some experts […]

The following article first appeared on New Eastern Outlook. While doing the research I was amazed at the parallels of today, and during the world wars during which the Arab world was part of the grand strategy. In this piece you will detect the same common foes of peace; the bankers, the hegemonic elites and […]

In an alternative universe, what if Yugoslavia still existed? NATO’s expansion, the Cold War still being waged, the so-called democratic western nations destroying freedoms in the name of democracy, we’re already living World War III. At this crucial juncture in history, it’s absolutely imperative that we examine what has transpired the last 25 years. Yugoslavia […]