Michel Chossudovsky
Prof. Michel Chossudovsky is Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He has taught as visiting professor at academic institutions in Western Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia, has acted as economic adviser to governments of developing countries and has worked as a consultant for international organizations including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the African Development Bank, the United Nations African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (AIEDEP), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Global Research Editor’s Note, We bring to the attention of our reader’s the Observers Mission Report of the League of Arab States to Syria. The report acknowledges the existence of  “an armed entity” involved in the killings of civilians and police as well as the conduct of terrorist acts, which contributed to triggering actions by government forces. […]

Introduction While the possibility of a war with Iran is acknowledged in US news reports, its regional and global implications are barely analyzed. Very few people in America are aware or informed regarding the devastation and massive loss of life which would occur in the case of a US-Israeli sponsored attack on Iran. The media is involved in a deliberate process of camouflage and distortion. War preparations under a “Global Strike” Concept, centralized and coordinated by US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) are not front page news in comparison to the most insignificant issues of public concern, including the local level crime scene or the tabloid gossip reports on Hollywood celebrities. The “Globalization of War” involving the hegemonic deployment of a formidable US-NATO military force in all major regions of the World is inconsequential in the eyes of the Western media.
The broader implications of this war are either trivialized or not mentioned. People are led to believe that war is part of a “humanitarian mandate” and that both Iran as well as Iran’s allies, namely China and Russia, constitute an unrelenting threat to global security and “Western democracy”. While the most advanced weapons system are used, America’s wars are never presented as “killing operations” resulting in extensive civilian casualties. While the incidence of “collateral damage” is acknowledged, US-led wars are heralded as an unquestionable instrument of “peace-making” and “democratization”. This twisted notion that waging war is “a worthy cause”, becomes entrenched in the inner consciousness of millions of people. A framework of “good versus evil” overshadows an understanding of the causes and devastating consequences of war.

[Preface by The 4th Media: Say NO to the War on Iran. Say NO to the Globalisation of War. The 4th Media’s objective is not one of hatred and destruction, we want to work towards a peaceful and stable global society, join us!] Introduction While the possibility of a war with Iran is acknowledged in US news […]

With minimal media debate, at a time when Americans were celebrating the New Year with their loved ones,  the “National Defense Authorization Act ” H.R. 1540 was signed into law by President Barack Obama. The actual signing took place in Hawaii on the 31st of December. According to Obama’s “signing statement”, the threat of Al Qaeda […]

“When a US sponsored nuclear war becomes an “instrument of peace”, condoned and accepted by the World’s institutions and the highest authority, including the United Nations, there is no turning back: human society has indelibly been precipitated headlong onto the path of self-destruction.” (Towards a World War III Scenario, Global Research, May 2011) . The […]

The American people should, in the words of Vietnam War Veteran Brian Willson  “place themselves in the position of people living in targeted countries. That North Korea, a nation of 24 million people, i.e., one-twentieth the population of the U.S., many of them poor, a land slightly larger in area than the U.S. state of […]

Turning point in the Structure of Israel’s Air Defense System In late December 2008, coinciding with the onslaught of Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” directed against Gaza, the Pentagon dispatched some 100 military personnel to Israel from US European Command (EUCOM) to assist Israel in setting up a new sophisticated X-band early warning radar system as part […]

“For the second time in two weeks, American authorities lost contact with a drone aircraft, this time resulting in a fiery crash in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. … “ In 2009, The Pentagon established an agreement with the Seychelles government to establish a drone base within proximity of the country’s civilian airport. The base […]

We are the juncture of the most serious crisis in modern history. The Bush Administration (and now Obama’s) has embarked upon a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity.  The wars on Afghanistan and Iraq are part of a broader military agenda, which was launched at the end of the Cold War.  The ongoing […]

Washington is in the process of concocting a new string of lies pertaining to Iran’s nuclear program with a view to justifying the implementation of punitive bombings. Threats directed against Iran have been ongoing for the last eight years. Fake intelligence has been used to justify these threats.  There are indications, however, that this time the Western military […]

A new area of potential confrontation is developing between China and the U.S. According to reports, Exxon Mobil which has acquired exploration and production rights from Vietnam has discovered substantial gas reserves in the South China Sea off the coast of North Vietnam.  “U.S. oil company ExxonMobil is reporting a “potentially significant” gas discovery off […]

A political analyst says that Libya’s former leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed by an al-Qaeda group which was part of a planned operation masterminded by NATO forces.  In an exclusive interview with Press TV, Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, tells us what is likely to happen during the aftermath of the death of Libya’s former leader […]

Throughout the post 9/11 era, Al Qaeda and the “threat of Islamic terrorism” have played a central role in defining Washington’s diplomatic agenda, shaping its rhetoric at World summits as well as establishing the contours of US military doctrine.   The pre-emptive “defensive war” doctrine against Al Qaeda and its alleged “State Sponsors” constitutes the […]

Why are American and NATO troops in Afghanistan? What is the justification for waging war on a country of 28 million people? What justifies Obama’s military surge? Both the media and the US government, in chorus, continue to point to the 9/11 attacks and the role of Al Qaeda led by “terrorist mastermind” Osama bin Laden. […]

Throughout the post 9/11 era, Al Qaeda and the “threat of Islamic terrorism” have played a central role in defining Washington’s diplomatic agenda, shaping its rhetoric at World summits as well as establishing the contours of US military doctrine. The pre-emptive “defensive war” doctrine against Al Qaeda and its alleged “State Sponsors” constitutes the foundation […]

In recent developments the US Ambassador to Syria Robert S. Ford has been “attacked” by “pro-regime demonstrators”. Described as an act of violence and aggression by the Western media, Ambassador Robert S Ford was pelted with eggs and tomatoes in Damascus on Thursday.    “We condemn this unwarranted attack in the strongest possible terms,” Secretary of […]

What Libya Had Achieved, What has been Destroyed   “There is no tomorrow” under a NATO sponsored Al Qaeda rebellion.  While a  “pro-democracy” rebel government has been instated, the country has been destroyed. Against the backdrop of war propaganda, Libya’s economic and social achievements over the last twenty years, have been brutally reversed:  The [Libyan […]

Author’s Note The following article, first published in May 2004, was part of my keynote presentation at the opening plenary session to the International Citizens Inquiry into 9/11. Toronto, 25-30 March 2004.  The main thrust of my 2004 analysis was that the issue of “foreknowledge of the attacks” was a red herring which has contributed to sustaining the […]

This article below entitled Who is Osama bin Laden? was drafted on September 11, 2001. It was first  published on the Global Research website on the evening of September 12, 2001. Since 2001, it has appeared on numerous websites. The original September 12, 2001 posting is one of the most widely read articles on the […]

“Former Terrorists” Join the “Pro-democracy” Bandwagon Extensive war crimes have been committed. NATO has blood on its hands. The heads of government and heads of state of NATO member countries are responsible for extensive war crimes The “pro-democracy” rebels are led by Al Qaeda paramilitary brigades under the supervision of NATO Special Forces. The “Liberation” […]

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