Manlio Dinucci
Manlio Dinucci is a geographer and a geopolitical scientist. He is also a contributor to the Italian daily .

For years, Syria and Egypt refused to abandon their chemical weapons facing a threatening neighbor, Israel, which develops very sophisticated ones, in addition to biological and nuclear weapons. However, while Syria has joined the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons , we are taking a look at Israeli activities. The UN inspectors who monitor […]

The commandos throw themselves into the sea from a helicopter and come to shore on a raft, wipe out the enemies with their assault rifles, discover an arms depot and blow up the weapons as they fly away clinging to the helicopter. Performing this assault are not Marines or Navy Seals, but well-known actors, singers, […]

The Olympics can be “a time of new, and renewed, friendships where deeper peace and understanding is forged.” That’s how the Archbishop of Westminster greeted the athletes who had arrived in London from all over the world. To convey this spirit, in the opening ceremony of the Government of Her Majesty did have the flag […]

For 236 years the U.S. has defended democracy everywhere: Hillary Clinton asserted this in Cairo [1]. Thus she must have erased from history the more than 160 military interventions abroad that U.S. imperialism made starting from the 1940s; the wars of the Cold War period in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Lebanon; the coups the […]

Now that the black war clouds have rolled away, the light of a new day can be seen on the horizon: it is with this rhetorical platitude that President Obama announced the agreement with President Karzai. The pens that write his speeches are, obviously, tired. The same cannot be said about the strategists who drafted the […]

Contrary to appearances, NATO also learns. The Atlantic Organization “always draws the lessons from its operations, and we’re already doing that with Libya,” observed Adm. James G. Stavridis, supreme NATO commander in Europe. To this end NATO has endowed itself with the appropriate tool, the Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC): a sort of […]

The Art of Warfare : Iran and The Gas Pipeline Battle   Two major pipeline projects are at present vying to secure future energy supplies to Pakistan, India and China. One originates in Iran while the second one draws on reserves in Turkmenistan. The latter is promoted by an Israeli group and is supported by […]