Kwame Akonor
Dr. Kwame Akonor is Professor at Seton Hall University at the Dept of Political Science and Public Affairs in New York. He's originally coming from Ghana, Africa. He was selected and honored for the 2010 College of Arts and Sciences Professor of the Year at Seton Hall Univ. In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Akonor is also the director of the Center for Africana Studies and the African Development Institute, a New York based think tank.

Africa’s handling of the Libyan crisis at the United Nations has been timorous and confusing, but it presents an opportunity as well as a challenge for the continental body on how it defines its future strategic interests. Rather than acting decisively, the African Union (AU) cowered to pressures from the West and voted for U.N. […]

Recent years have seen a surge in calls for more foreign aid to Africa in order to eliminate the continent’s poverty. International organizations, scholars, celebrities and philanthropists have all made renewed pleas for a massive infusion of development aid.  They generally present two arguments to justify more foreign aid to Africa. One family of justificatory […]