John C. Raines
Dr. John Raines is a Professor of Religion at Temple University in Philadelphia. He is the author/editor of eight books and numerous articles. His area of interest is religion and political economy. In recent years, he has received several grants to pursue the dialogue between Islam and the West and has done extensive teaching and research in Indonesia and Malaysia. Raines has been chair of the Department of Religion, President of the Interfaith Council on the Holocaust of Philadelphia, and a Co-host of the award-winning Sunday morning ABC (Philadelphia) talk show "Dialogue."

INTRODUCTION Capitalism has always been about making money, but until recently that mostly meant making things in factories or harvesting things from fields that others would need and would buy.  But in recent years that has dramatically changed.  The vast proportion of international financial transactions has become purely “fictional”—money using its money to make nothing […]

What is Eco-Justice and why should we pursue it?  To answer that question let me begin with a puzzle.  What’s wrong with saying, “we should take better care of the earth”?  Because speaking that way we seem to be autonomous beings outside The Great Livingness that enfolds and supports us, as if we should “decide” […]

There is no more severe poverty than the poverty called starvation.  It’s really quite simple; we eat or we die.  There is plenty of food in the world today to feed all six-and-one-half billion of us and feed us well.  But the fact is that today at least one billion and perhaps close to two […]