Jamal Kanj
Mr. Jamal Kanj who is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media writes weekly newspaper column and publishes on several websites on Arab world issues. He is the author of “Children of Catastrophe,” Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America.

How many words does it take the British to say a liar? 2.6 million words to be exact. The Chiclot report had also painted Tony Blair as submissive to George W Bush, and lacked rudimentary judgment when evaluating intelligence data. According to the report, eight months before the invasion of Iraq, Blair authored a six-page […]

Much had been argued about the creation of Israel and the ensuing 1948 ethnic cleansing of non-Jewish Palestinians. Sadly however, most had become a desensitised academic debate. A lifeless abstract portrayal failing to depict what it really meant for one to be a refugee without a country. On this 68th commemoration of the Nakba (or […]

Donald Trump could change American electoral history for the better. Before explaining how, let’s first explore the politics and predicament of the 2016 Republican primary election. About six weeks ago, I projected that Trump would win the Republican nomination. That was before the traditional Republican leadership came out of hibernation to spoil Trump’s chances. It […]

Last week Palestinian journalist Mohammed Al Qiq ended a record 94-day hunger strike protesting the so-called administrative detention in Israeli jail. Administrative detention is a misnomer procedure used to hold Palestinian activists in military confinement without charges or due-process. The six-month administrative order can be extended indefinitely without informing the detainee of the charges or […]

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom created a maelstrom in Israel by merely demanding a “credible investigation into deaths of Palestinians in order to clarify and bring about possible accountability.” Israel declared the Swedish official persona non grata for daring to demand (which no Arab official has done until now) investigations into the extra-judicial killings of […]

In the last week’s column, I wrote on the banned love story from the Israeli high school reading list. The Israeli education ministry claimed that young Jewish students might not comprehend “the significance of miscegenation” for “maintaining the national-ethnic identty of the [Jewish] people.” Oddly enough, the Israeli argument to maintain the Jewish “ethnic identity” […]

Palestinian civic organisations inside Israel have declared January 30 the Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Israeli citizens. Israel was established in 1948 on the ruins of more than 500 native towns and villages and the forceful displacement of approximately 780,000 Palestinians. Only 153,000 Palestinians remained under what became Israel. Of which, approximately 25 per cent […]

On a Thursday night, terrorists blew themselves up in the streets of Beirut. The next day, co-ordinated terrorist attacks in des rues of Paris. The same perpetrators targeted Muslims and Christians in the two different capitals. Just a month ago, it was a moving scene watching European women and men holding signs welcoming refugees arriving […]

It is high time for Recep Tayyip Erdogan to step aside if Turkey is to continue progressing democratically, and flourish economically. Great leaders know when and where to pass their torch. Regardless of whether one believes Erdogan is an authoritarian or an egalitarian leader, it can’t be disputed that Turkey before him is not the same […]

I apologise for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong,” Tony Blair told Fareed Zakaria during a CNN interview. The TV interview came ahead of the much delayed British Chilcot – expected now by next summer – report investigating Iraq war. He also apologised “for some of the mistakes in planning” the war. […]

For a video, please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwVG5_78G7o Haftom Zarhum, a 29-year-old Eritrean, was lynched by Jewish Israelis simply because he looked different. After being shot in the legs, a mob circled him like hyenas over a bleeding prey throwing a bench over his head and chanting the unofficial Zionist’s anthem of hate: “Death to Arabs, Arabs […]

Tension in Jerusalem has escalated to dangerous levels in response to deliberate Israeli provocation at Haram Al Sharif or the Noble Sanctuary. This fragile situation was further worsened by new Israeli government decrees to blow up Palestinian homes and grant its army a free rein to deal with protesters. Since then, at least eight Palestinians […]

Lagging in the polls, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump came from behind ranting Mexican migrants. Trump exploited a real topical complex issue to mobilise the White Republican base and rode to the top of the ticket deriding Mexicans. Ben Carson was however more inventive. He created a fictitious candidate to rally the same delusional crowd. […]

The election of veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party in the UK is a revolution by all means. In a party grassroots election, the 66-year-old outsider defeated a line-up of traditional Labour candidates. Corbyn’s victory was a rejection of Tony Blair’s wing as much as it was a swing to the left. […]

Five years ago at a stop during my book signing tour in San Diego, I met an adorable toddler named Farah. She was being treated in the US for severe burns she received at the age of two. Farah was one of thousands of civilians who were either injured or killed when Israel rained white […]

Many years ago I read Men in the Sun, a novel by late Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani. He, along with his young niece Lamis, were blown up by Israel in 1972. In the book, Kanafani told the tale of three desperate Palestinian refugees from Lebanon who hid in an empty water tanker trying to reach […]

If you are like me, I am sure you are tired of reading about the results of the last Israeli election. Or on Benjamin Netanyahu’s Hebrew pledge running up to the election and his flip-flopped English version after winning the election. I want instead to highlight the native Palestinian Israeli citizens who ran on a […]

On January first, it will be 50 years since the start of the modern Palestinian revolution; and on the 15th it will be 10 years since Mahmoud Abbas was first, and last, elected as the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Two years after becoming a non-member UN state, the PA is circulating a UN […]

I watched painfully former vice-president Dick Cheney on ‘Meet the Press’ programme trying to defend and redefine his role in the ‘authorised’ CIA torture. Whenever he was asked about a specific torture case, Cheney always referred back to the ‘tortured’ Americans who lost their lives in 9/11. While the jury is still out on the […]

Israel has just committed another high-profile murder in the West Bank killing 55-year-old Ziad Abu Ein, a minister without portfolio in the Palestinian government. According to the BBC, he ‘was among dozens of foreign and Palestinian activists taking part in a protest against land confiscations.’ Abu Ein was in charge of monitoring Israeli activities related […]

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