Gavan McCormack
Since coming to the ANU in 1990, Prof. Gavan McCormack has worked on modern East Asian, especially Japanese, intellectual, political, and environmental history and politics. Recent publications include books on Japanese direction and identity (The Emptiness of Japanese Affluence, 1996, 2001), the constitutional debate in Japan (2001), the North Korean problem (2004) and the Japanese State and the US relationship (2007). Much of his work is translated into Japanese and quite a lot into Korean and Chinese. He was co-founder in 2002 of the web journal Japan Focus, (which in 2010 became The Asia-Pacific Journal – Japan Focus), and continue to serve as Coordinator.

Governments come and go in Japan, Noda Yoshihiko’s the most recent, being the third since the general elections of 30 August 2009 brought the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) to power, following those of Hatoyama Yukio and Kan Naoto. In the weeks following his assumption of office, Noda has stated his core vision for the […]

The Asahi Shimbun and The Ryukyu Shimpo have both introduced a small selection of Wikileaks documents on Japan, Okinawa, and the US-Japan-Okinawa relationship. But this is the first text in any language to make extensive use of the treasure trove of documents whose release has begun, setting them in the frame of four decades of […]