Dale Han
Mr. Dale Han is a free-lance journalist living in Canada since he was exiled from the Military regime of Dictator, General Park CH in South Korea in the 70s. The turning point in his life has arrived at the Z Media Institute workshop in Cape Town Mass. USA in the 90s when he was tutored, guided and encouraged by Professor Emeritus of MIT, Avram Noam Chomsky. Since then, he became a lifetime contrarian but philosophical anarchist, who schlepped around the world…Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Japan, Egypt, Palestinian Land, and North Korea, and reported back the real stories that the mainstream media rarely pay any attention about.

A Like (Park pere, the brutal despot) Breeds the Like (Park fils, a my-way-or-the-highway queen) In the morning on March 21 2017 Park GH, the impeached/sacked but unrelenting/remorseless former S. Korean President, was forced ignominiously to perp-walk at the photo-line in the front gate of the Prosecutor’s office and spit out defiantly a short comment…”I […]

You requested me to share an opinion about the forthcoming relationship between the new Trump regime/North Korea as follows: Instead of talking about the relationship between two antagonistic/hostile regimes, North Korea and USA, I think it would be more urgent/concerned to talk about the political pandemonium in Seoul how the situation might go the way […]

Improving the US-North Korea Relations Not in Obama’s Agenda (but the China-focused US Military Buildup in the Korean peninsula is a priori) Ratcheting up the DPRK as “an enduring pariah/a useful demon” provides United States a rationale for placing Korean Peninsula on a permanent war footing where Americans can do anything they want on the […]

This is a critique on an article, A Reunified Theory in the Foreign Affairs, written by Professor Moon, CI and rebutted by an ex-USCIA agent/think-tank pundit Sue Mi Terry. And attached is my two-cent thought on Ms. Terry, Sue Mi www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/142261/john-delury-and-chung-in-moon-sue-mi-terry/a-reunified-theory ——– Professor Moon is a member of S. Korea’s Presidential Committee for Preparation of […]

The heart-wrenching and centuries long ethnocide on the Aboriginal Indians finally laid bare in Canada Author’s note: a significant number of the world population still has a tendency to assume that Canada is, comparatively speaking, a peace-loving/ non-violent/non-hegemonic/good-natured developed country in contrast to its neighbor, Uncle Sam, a country of hegemonic/militaristic/imperial braggarts who run amok […]

Author’s note: 1912. Balkanization, the term coined in the early 19th Century refers to the division of the Balkan Peninsula, formerly ruled almost entirely by the Ottoman Empire, into a number of smaller states between 1817 and 1912.  It has a strong negative connotation of a pejorative term, originally used to describe the process of […]

Here goes again…S. Koreans grovel, kowtow, moan, say sorry,’ cry Uncle’ for mercy in unison with all the voices of deep sorrow, repentance, fear, reverence, prayers, and with all the instruments of dances, drumbeats, theatrics to show their sorry states umpteenth times nakedly, abashedly, and abundantly totheir over half-a-century neo-feudal overload, Uncle Sam, at the […]

A Dispatch from Pyongyang: September 8 2012 – September 15 2012  I’ve felt like landing at the other planet where I were allowed ‘living off the grid’ a short period of time (8 days) in the past life (1970s) at the present time (2012). I am a junk, I’m as stubborn as a garbage bag that […]

In the Bizarro ‘Sheeple’*society of S. Korea, the military/totalitarian dictators have never died but live forever. The evolution of people toward sheeple blindly following the asshole in front of you  *Sheeple: a portmanteau/a short word of people and sheep, a derogatory term that highlights the herd mentality of submissive people by likening them a sheep, […]

  [The 4th Media Editor’s note: Lately, we read news articles from Seoul about the present UN Sec Gen Ban’s chance to be nominated as a candidate for President after the Park’s Presidency expires in 2017. So we believe the following article, though written first in December 2006 and then rewritten in 2009 by Mr. Han, is […]

    August 22, 2014 Day eight: Millions of caged ‘animals’ in the Refugee Camps During our trip to the West Bank, we spent the whole day at the city of Jenin, visiting the Freedom Theaterand roaming along the narrow backstreets in the refugee camp. The Freedom Theater was founded by residents of Jenin Refugee Camp, inspired by Jewish communist/activist […]

Day Six: Turning the West Bank into a “Pastrami Sandwich” and packing all Palestinians into “Three Sausages” Our bus took us through the winding/narrow alleyways in the East Jerusalem to the City of Ramallah after passing by Qalandia, one of notorious IDF checkpoints, where the large signboard declares: the Israeli Jews should not get into the West Bank. We planned to stay in […]

“Justice and security are two sides of the same coin. Israel’s security can never be an excuse for denying justice to the Palestinian people”. BDS MOVEMENT  Author’s note: Two years after my once-in-a-life time and a verboten Journey to the North Korea, I again embarked on the NGO tour to the world’s most contentious and quarrelsome […]

The Jeremiad of “Comfort Women”: Who sold us down the river?     S. Koreans have elected as their President a darling of Korean neo-cons, a boring/over-rated/wayward/my-way-or-highway daughter of the assassinated/military totalitarian/dictator for life, Gen. Park CH, while their neighboring country/former colonial boss Japanese chose Shinzo Abe as their Prime Minister whose grand father, Kishi […]

It all began when I wrote a critique, ‘It takes two to tango’, on Dr. Pak, Moon-J’s article about his allegation that ‘the US and China are planning to divide the North Korea territory into two and occupy it when the Kim Dynasty collapse in a ‘soft-landing’ fashion. I first thought the scenarios plotted were like a Hollywood movie scripts that the plan might have been a half-baked product of a bored intern at the US State Dept., a frosh who poked fun at the foreign policy of the US. However, one of my friend living in LA has given me a web-link in which the plan was actually originated from the 300 plus-page research paper by Mr. Bennett, a well-paid researcher of the Rand Corporation, whose clients include the Governments of Japan and S. Korea, US Pacific Command and Defense Department.

Author’s note: Please don’t get offended by being called an idiot…I derived  the word ‘idiot’ from Greek word, idiotes, which refers to ‘a private person’ …as distinguished from the public person like bureaucrat, congressman, or President. An idiot follows the rules and orders that others draft and sign whether or not it’s an idiot’s interest. Again, here I am not intended to suggest any solution regarding […]

“Before there were good blacks, there were model Negroes. And before there were model Negroes, there were Head Negroes in charge (HNIC). A Head Negro In Charge has its origins in the American slavery where white plantation boss (Ole Massa) handpicked a Negro to lead and watch the field slaves: these contemptible creatures (a sellout) […]