Bill Van Auken
Bill Van Auken is a politician and activist for the Socialist Equality Party and was a presidential candidate in the U.S. election of 2004. He is a full time reporter for the World Socialist Web Site and frequently contributes to Global Research.

One day after publicly announcing that the CIA had foiled an Al Qaeda plot to bomb a commercial airliner, US officials revealed Tuesday that the would-be bomber was in fact an informant working for the CIA and Saudi intelligence. This turn of events is in line with so many domestic terror plots “disrupted” by federal […]

President Barack Obama used a visit to Washington’s Holocaust Memorial Museum Monday to unveil a set of new sanctions against Iran and Syria and to promote the administration’s use of “human rights” as a pretext for aggressive war and regime change. The new sanctions target Syrian and Iranian intelligence agencies as well as telecommunications and […]

IRAN MUST COMPLY OR ELSE…: Obama gives Green Light for Punishing Economic Sanctions on Iran  President Barack Obama has issued the green light for punishing new US economic sanctions directed at forcing the Iranian government to submit to Western pressure over its nuclear program by starving the country of oil revenues. These new sanctions, which […]

An opinion poll released Monday shows nearly seven out of 10 Americans opposing the war in Afghanistan, a record level of antiwar sentiment since the US invaded the country over a decade ago. This new indication of rising hostility to the war came as the US-led occupation forces faced a new string of attacks by […]

EXPORTING “AMERICAN VALUES”: Washington’s “Human Rights” Fraud   “I do think we are on the right side of history, aligning ourselves with people’s aspirations for freedom, democracy, universal human rights,” US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared in a recent interview with the Economist magazine. Describing Washington’s role in the world, she added that “we stand up […]