Alexander Vorontsov
Alexander Vorontsov is currently the head of the Department for Korean and Mongolian Studies and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russia Academy of Sciences. He also holds several teaching and research posts at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, as Russian Federation Military Science Academy Professor, the Institute for Asian Studies at Osaka University of Economy and Law in Japan visiting professor. He is the member of the Russian part of the Russia-DPRK Intergovernmental Commission dealing with trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation. Vorontsov holds a Ph.D. in history from the Institute of Oriental Studies at the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences, and has studied at Lomonosov Moscow State University and Pyongyang Kim Il Sung University.

On 2 June 2017, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2356 on the extension of sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The resolution was initiated by the United States in response to North Korea’s continued missile launches. Everyone who took part in the vote noted that adopting the resolution demonstrates the unity […]

Recently a lot has and is being written on all possible ways of development of the situation with North Korea, specially after the victory of a new “oppositional” president of the Republic of Korea. The emphasis is made on the idea of an unprecedented military crisis in the Korean peninsula starting from an American preventive […]

Judging by South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s statement on 13 June, Seoul has decided to cut off dialogue with North Korea, demanding that Pyongyang first end its nuclear programme. As is well known, South Korea severed all communication channels with the North and closed the last collaborative economic development – a joint industrial zone in […]

North Korea’s Thermonuclear Test: Challenge to World or Path to Self-Preservation? The year 2016 began on a worrisome note on the Korean peninsula. There has been yet another nuclear test by Pyongyang, which will have fairly long-term consequences, will trigger yet another censorious Security Council resolution with an expanded package of sanctions, and will also […]

The most recent dramatic escalation of military and political tensions on the Korean peninsula in August 2015 can be viewed from various perspectives, but what stands out is the fact that despite Seoul’s continual declarations of their desire to build trust between the North and the South, not only economic cooperation, but even meaningful dialog […]

In an exclusive interview with the Interfax news agency on July 29, the North Korean ambassador to Moscow, Kim Hyun Joon, stated that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was prepared to shore up its nuclear potential in response to US actions, the purpose of which, the ambassador emphasized, «is to overthrow the existing regime […]

Normally tensions run high in the Korean Peninsula when US starts annual joint military exercises with South Korea. Then the time comes for attempts to find diplomatic solutions. This is the usual pattern. It was different this year. The US and South Korea held Key Resolve (2-13 March) and Foal Eagle (March2-April 24) exercises. North […]

2014 was another year of lasting conflict between the Unites States and North Korea.The tensions between the two countries will affect the decision making process in 2015. Sony Pictures Entertainment, a Hollywood old timer, is the distributor of the movie The Interview, a satirical comedy deriding the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The movie […]

A North Korean Trio’s Quick Spurt down South The US and its allies have added systematic attacks on North Korea’s human-rights record to their traditional arsenal of tactics for exerting pressure on that country. These attacks have been launched before, but lately they have become more extensive than ever, and the «human-rights offensive» itself now […]

Part I For almost a year the world has been observing the development of the peace offensive of Pyongyang; this offensive began after the end of the acute military and political crisis in March-April 2013, when Pyongyang showed an uncompromising resolve to protect its sovereignty by all possible means and made many threatening statements. Now […]

… including the UN active mediatory Role   1. Preface. What is the best way to provide lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula nowadays? There different answers the crucial question. It’s not a secret that there are some influential groups in some countries see the optimal way in the DPRK liquidation of other form: military […]

The reasons for the crisis on the Korean Peninsula Tensions are rising on the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang has decided to close the industrial complex in Kaesong, which is a joint enterprise zone with South Korea, and has suggested that foreign embassies evacuate the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for reasons of safety. Most significant in this series of steps has been the decision of the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party, held in March 2013, regarding legal confirmation of North Korea’s nuclear status and the decision of the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea «On further strengthening the status of a country in possession of nuclear weapons for the purposes of self-defence».

Korea: North and South on Verge of War The tensions on the Korean Peninsula have been escalating these days. A flow of tough rhetoric exchanges is unrelenting, Seoul and Pyongyang promise to wipe each other off from the face of the earth. The new phase of crisis was launched on March 8. North Korea pulled […]

Dokdo or Takeshima? Almost simultaneously with the aggravation of the territorial dispute between China and Japan, a long-standing dispute has sharply escalated between Japan and South Korea over  ownership of the Dokdo Islands (Korean name), they are also called Takeshima (Japanese name). If in the case of the Senkaku archipelago Japan carries administrative control, the […]

“Senkaku” or “Diaoyu”?  The position of the main opponents. The crisis in Sino-Japanese relations broke out on Sept. 10, 2012, after Tokyo`s decision to buy out the Senkaku islands (in Chinese they are called the Diaoyu islands) from their private Japanese owner, over which the Land of the Rising Sun is currently implementing administrative controls, […]

Nuclear Debates   The Moscow conference on the Treaty of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) took place on September 6-8, 2012. The nuclear programs of North Korea and Iran and  the old idea in a new shape of making the Middle East a non-nuclear zone (as is known it is hindered by the fact of Israel […]

Last July, I visited the US on an academic tour and, as a part of my stay, participated in a Tucson, Arizona, conference of the type that would not fit with the expectations of a professional Korea analyst. The conventional vision common to the majority of Korea watchers is that the relations between Washington and […]

The death of Kim Jong Il two months before his 70th birthday grabbed the headlines worldwide. False reports of his death had been a recurrent phenomenon, but his passing, when it did happen, came unexpectedly. The communist leader’s death possibly marks a watershed moment between distinct epochs in the history of the DPRK, prompting intense […]

Comments multiply on the breakthrough in the relations between Moscow and Pyongyang which was reached at the August 24, 2011 summit and appears to be followed by deepening the cooperation between Russia and the DPRK in various spheres. The Ulan-Ude meeting highlighted the commitment of the leaders of both countries to the search for a […]

The recent visit of [DPRK leader] Kim Jong-il to Russia and his brief meeting with President Dmitri Medvedev in Ulan-Ude continue to stir interest in political circles. This is the first trip of the North Korean leader to our country since 2002. The fact that it was prepared in strict secrecy and little is known about […]