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As in Libya, Syrian “opposition” is led by long-time servants of Western corporate-financiers. A year ago, it was reported that Libya’s new NATO-installed prime minister, Abdurrahim el-Keib, was in fact a long-time US resident, having taught at the University of Alabama and was formally employed by the Petroleum Institute, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and sponsored by British Petroleum (BP), Shell, France’s Total, the Japan Oil Development Company, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. El-Keib is listed as a “Professor and Chairman” in his Petroleum Institute profile which also describes extensive research conducted by him sponsored by various US government agencies and departments over the years. His long history of serving and working in coordination with Western governments and corporations made him and his collaborators the ideal candidates to prepare Libya for its place within the Wall Street-London international order.

Hearings of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC)     Global Research Editor’s Note At the height of the bombing of Gaza,  legal proceedings directed against the State of Israel involving the initial hearings of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission were launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The decision to launch these proceedings was […]

The 1988 Soviet surrender set the stage for the 1991 Persian Gulf slaughter, the 911 Trade Center Attack/Provocation orchestrated by the United States and the U.S invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and the present Regime Change Gambit, Attempted Coup D’Etats and Proxy Invasions of Libya, Syria, Yemen and Beyond. In the 2001 Trade […]

The United States is the kingpin of international plot-breeding and terrorism, says [DPRK’s] Rodong Sinmun [daily Labor Newspaper] Tuesday in a bylined article. It says the U.S. has plotted to intervene in internal affairs of other countries and regions, adding: “Under the signboard of “democracy” and “protection of human rights” the U.S. has overthrown the […]

The headline stories claim that CIA Director General David Petraeus resigned as head of the CIA because of an adulterous relation with his young biographer and that General John Allen, Supreme Commander of US troops in Afghanistan, was under investigation and his promotion to top commander of US troops in Europe was on hold, because, […]

Hebrew media insists that something went very wrong for Israel in Operation Pillar of Cloud. Most Hebrew analysts are blaming Netanyahu. Most polls show disgust towards the Prime Minister, who is being portrayed as too soft and indecisive. Most articles portray the Iron Dome antimissile system as “Hero of the Hour” while criticizing the Israeli Air Force. The role of Egypt in ending the conflict is overlooked. The recruitment of over 50,000 IDF reservists, who eventually weren’t deployed, is not mentioned anymore. Israel is showing such a strong combination of a bad memory and poor analytic capabilities, than one must ask oneself whether this is an intentional tactic aimed at disguising the actual date of a ground attack on Gaza.

The way western politicians and media have pontificated about Israel’s onslaught on Gaza, you’d think it was facing an unprovoked attack from a well-armed foreign power. Israel had every “right to defend itself”, Barack Obama declared. “No country on earth would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.” He was echoed by Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague, who declared that the Palestinian Islamists of Hamas bore “principal responsibility” for Israel’s bombardment of the open-air prison that is the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, most western media have echoed Israel’s claim that its assault is in retaliation for Hamas rocket attacks; the BBC speaks wearisomely of a conflict of “ancient hatreds”.

Introductory Notes from the author Dr. Christof Lehmann: After more than 20 months of violent conflict in Syria a feasible solution seems farther removed than ever. The influx of fundamentalist Salafist or Wahabist fighters which have been streaming to Syria since the failure of two major Free Syrian Army assaults on Aleppo in June and […]

Xi Jinping, China’s newly anointed president, made his first visit to the United States in May 1980. He was a 27-year-old junior officer accompanying Geng Biao, then a vice premier and China’s leading military official. Geng had been my host the previous January, when I was the first U.S. defense secretary to visit China, acting […]

This Multi-Part Photo Essay contains selected summarised information from two sources: Part 1 contains Exerpts from the UN Special Report on Jewish Human Rights Violations in Palestine, and Parts 2 and 3 contain exerpts from an Amnesty International Report on the Jewish Holocaust against Palestine – dealing specifically with Israel’s Operation “Cast Lead” in 2009. The photos attached to the several parts of this article, and to the companion series “Israel’s War on Children”, have been taken from various sources to better illustrate the savagery and mindless brutality inflicted by a savage and mindless people. The photos are graphic and sickening. It is almost impossible to believe that human beings are capable of such evil and callousness as that being perpetrated daily upon the civilians in Palestine by the Jews. One can only marvel at the courage of the Palestinian people.

To read the mainstream Western media, one would conclude that China has become an economic giant now intent on flexing its military muscle and making a massive arms buildup to do so. China’s designated new President, Xi Jinping, has just won both the top Communist party post from predecessor Hu Jintao as well as the head of the powerful Central Military Commission, giving Xi a full takeover of party and armed forces. A recent BBC analysis, in an article titled “China extending military reach,” is typical of Western media coverage of China’s military program: “China‘s first aircraft carrier will begin sea trials later this year. Late last year, the first pictures were leaked of the prototype of Beijing‘s new “stealth” fighter. And US military experts believe that China has begun to deploy the world’s first long-range ballistic missile capable of hitting a moving ship at sea.“ [1]

Israel has launched a new media campaign to sway the world’s public opinion over the war in the Gaza Strip in its favor and demonize Palestinian resistance movement. A man carries the dead body of a child after an Israeli missile attack on a Palestinian home killed at least seven members of the same family […]

Last week, the Senate failed to pass hurried cybersecurity legislation. To ensure privacy on the Web, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act was revised. Senator Harry Reid explained: “The bill that was and is the most important to the intelligence community and the Pentagon was just killed, and that was cybersecurity. Mr. President, I had a number of […]

Rushdi Tamimi, 31, was shot by Israeli soldiers during a protest in Nabi Saleh on Saturday; he died today in a Ramallah hospital. 22-year-old Hamdi Falah died today after being shot four times by soldiers at a Hebron protest. In the past several days, Israeli forces have violently repressed demonstrations in East Jerusalem and the West Bank against the army’s ‘Operation Pillar of Defense.’ Abir Kopty of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee reported that protests held on Saturday and Sunday at Nabi Saleh, Ofer Military Prison, Hebron, Nablus, Jenin, and Bethlehem were put down through the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and rubber-coated bullets, with soldiers sometimes firing directly at demonstrators.

German-born international consultant Cristof Lehmann followed in detail the recent Chinese Communist Party Congress. In an interview with the Tehran Times, he highlights the convergence of positions on the Syrian crisis between Moscow and Beijing. He expects China to unequivocally support the deployment in early 2013 of a United Nations peacekeeping force mainly composed of CSTO […]

Archived declassified files from the Central Intelligence Agency point to successive U.S. administrations supporting Syria’s long-serving President Hafez al-Assad, the father of current President Bashar al-Assad, as a bulwark against Arab radicals. Israel also recognized Hafez al-Assad as the “most pragmatic” of all the Arab leaders of his day… In fact, in 1980, longtime CIA […]

The Western media in chorus has described the Israeli attack on Gaza as an ad hoc IDF-led counterterrorism operation, launched on the grounds of “self defense” in response to Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel. While reports acknowledge that president Obama, in the wake of the November 6 elections, had granted a “Green Light” to Tel […]

  Turkey’s prime minister is accusing Israel’s leaders of trying to eliminate the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip. Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Israel’s actions cannot be described as self-defense against Hamas rocket attacks, as the U.S. and other Israeli allies have done. He calls the offensive “terrorism.” The Turkish leader, speaking Tuesday in Parliament, […]

The fact that the inhumane sanctions of the United States and its European allies against Iran are taking a heavy toll on the ordinary Iranians is still hard to believe for many Western citizens who suppose that their governments are sincere in their claims of being concerned for human rights and freedom. In different articles, […]

The Relationship Between United States Domestic and Foreign Policy:  Reflections on Settler Colonialism, Slavery, Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism This is a very important historic period to discuss today’s topic on how the domestic policy of the United States is mirrored in its foreign relations. When we discuss foreign policy it is important to emphasize that North […]

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