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On May 13, the Chief Prosecutor for the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, appeared before the UN Security Council to present the “Seventh Report of the Prosecutor of the ICC to the UN Security Council Pursuant to UNSCR 1970 (2010)”. In her statement to the Security Council, she said (1): “To be absolutely clear, the Government of […]

  Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.–       White House tape recordings,   April 25, 1972: President Nixon: How many did we kill in Laos? National Security Adviser […]

If there were any doubts that Western “leaders” live in a fantasy make-believe world constructed out of their own lies, the G-7 meeting and 70th anniversary celebration of the Normandy landing dispelled the doubts. The howlers issuing from these occasions are enough to split your sides. Obama and his lap dog Cameron described the Normandy […]

In late May 2014, President Obama rolled out his foreign policy initiatives at West Point and said nothing new. Every lie he uttered is just a retread cover for the same old, same old disastrous foreign policy the US has engaged in since the cold war began shortly after World War II. The fact is Washington has been regularly practicing this same modus operandi for over sixty years. Through constant use of false flags deceptively blaming the designated enemy of the United States, starting with the dual threat of the Soviet Union and China’s spreading Communism in the early 1950’s, then in this century fabricating the al Qaeda enemy’s spreading terrorism and now back to a revitalized cold war stopping the expansionist spread of Russia and China again, the US has been busily justifying its aggressive interventionist policy throughout the world.

    Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the former head of the military that overthrew Egypt’s legitimately elected president Mohammed Morsi in a 2013 coup d’état, is almost certain to win a landslide victory in today’s presidential election. Sisi’s victory, however, won’t be due to a groundswell of popular support. In fact, a Pew Research poll conducted […]

TEHRAN (FNA)- Canadian scholar Prof. Michael Keefer believes that the US-engineered project of War on Terror is a “criminal fraud” that has virtually extinguished the American democracy and the civil liberties of the American people. “The so-called War on Terror is a criminal fraud, designed to frighten Americans and the citizens of its allies into supporting systematic violations of international law. It was from the outset Islamophobic both in intention and in the wars of aggression it has been used to justify,” said Prof. Michael Keefer in an exclusive interview with Fars News Agency. On the US special relationship with Israel and Washington’s unconditional support for the Tel Aviv regime, Prof. Keefer says, “The US policy of seeking to dominate Eurasia through control of Middle Eastern and central-Asian hydrocarbon resources aligns with Israel’s concern to ensure that no Middle Eastern state has the power to interfere with its policies of continued colonization of Palestinian land.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu says that Israel can possibly annex West Bank territories because he has the support from both sides of the political spectrum, if the Peace Process had failed. He also denied any plans of “unilateral territorial withdrawals” from the West Bank. According to the Jerusalem Post, Natanyahu was interviewed by Bloomberg […]

“Prior to the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq, US and other western oil companies were all but completely shut out of Iraq’s oil market. But thanks to the invasion and occupation, the companies are now back inside Iraq and producing oil there for the first time since being forced out of the country in […]

    Iraq may have been a blood-drenched disaster and Afghanistan a grinding military and political failure. But Libya was supposed to have been different. Nato’s war to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi in 2011 was hailed as the liberal intervention that worked. The western powers might have had to twist the meaning of the UN resolution […]

Video: Head of False Libyan Revolution Admits Ghadafi did not Kill Protesters America and NATO ended secularism in Libya and brought Islamic extremists to power, who have committed many crimes, including massacring thousands of black Libyans during the immediate stages after the destruction of Gaddafi’s regime. Video Title: Head of False Libyan Revolution Admits Ghadafi […]

Analyst at the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) The corruption’s scandal that has deeply wounded the Islamic government of Prime- Minister of Turkey, Tayip Erdogan, is a complex issue with important consequences to the politics, economy, society and the foreign policy. Turkey has become a “battlefield” between two powerful men, two former allies. PM […]

The 4th Media presents below a carefully-selected and -compiled set of photos from several different parts of the world where several major US wars have taken place after the WWII. These photos also represent several different historical periods during which time the US as the main culprit has been, directly or indirectly, involved with a numerous number […]

Syria: Death Toll of Western-Backed Terrorist Attacks in Homs Hits 100     The death toll from separate terrorist attacks in the Syrian city of Homs has reached 100, with most of the victims being civilians, reports say. The new figure updates an earlier death toll from the car bombings and mortar fire on April […]

Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation – Gibran Khalil Gibran. UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) recently published a study prepared by close to two dozen writers and intellectuals from the Arab world. The Arab Integration, a 21st Century Development Imperative report addresses audaciously many of the social, […]

Mesut Dogan /   If you had been a reader of The American Conservative magazine back in December 2011, you might have learned from an article written by me that “Unmarked NATO warplanes are arriving at Turkish military bases close to Iskenderum on the Syrian border, delivering weapons [to the Free Syrian Army] derived from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s […]

The Sins of Iran I’m sorry. We DO have to bomb Iran. Our hands are tied.        Here’s why: The Iran Oil Bourse will begin trading oil in non-dollars starting March 20; Iranians are not Arabs.  They’re Persians who speak Farsi; Iranians are not Sunni.  They’re minority Shiites; Iran is not Western-dominated.  They […]

France is emerging as the new partner-in-crime in support of America’s imperialist machinations across the globe. Up until recently, that thuggish role was filled by British in what was euphemistically referred to as the “special Anglo-American relation”. Now the French are taking over from the British as the “oldest ally.” French leader Francois Hollande is currently on a three-day visit to the US, greeted by President Barack Obama with full military honors and a 21-gun salute. “France and US enjoy renewed alliance,” reports the Washington Post. The American president has gone out of his way to emphasize historical links between the two countries, with the opening visit for the two leaders taking place at Thomas Jefferson’s estate in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A high-ranking US official says 75,000 to 115,000 militants, organized in 1500 groups, are fighting the Syrian government.     A video presentation from Press TV, please click here:   According to James Clapper, director of the US National Intelligence, up to 26000 militants share extremist ideologies and are the most brutal. “Somewhere in […]

Iran’s Armed Forces chief of staff has dismissed US officials’ threats of military action against Iran as “political bluff”, saying the Islamic Republic is ready for the “decisive” battle against the US and Israel. “We are ready for the decisive war with the US and the Zionist regime [of Israel],” said Major General Hassan Firouzabadi on Wednesday.
Iran has been planning for such a battle for years by carrying out various drills, he said, stressing that Iran’s Armed Forces are prepared to fend off any military aggression. The top commander warned that in case of aggression against Iran, all the US and Israeli interests will be targeted, “We warn that if our forces come under attack from any territory, we will hit all the positions which belong to that [territory],” Firouzabadi said.

International, regional and internal players vying for interests, wealth, power or influence are all beneficiaries of the “al-Qaeda threat” in Iraq and in spite of their deadly and bloody competitions they agree only on two denominators, namely that the presence of the U.S.-installed and Iran–supported sectarian government in Baghdad and its sectarian al-Qaeda antithesis are the necessary […]

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