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The Libyan Government has stated loud and clear from the beginning that it is ready for a ceasefire with the “rebels”. They have refused. The Libyan Government has stated loud and clear since the beginning that the international community is welcome to come and investigate any allegations on the ground. They have refused. The Libyan Government has stated loud and clear since the beginning that it is fighting armed terrorists (see the photos). Obama and NATO’s response: he is killing civilians.

The geo-political chessboard is being lined up for a showdown with Iran and its allies in the Resistance Bloc. This is just one theatre within the broader struggle to control Eurasia. In the process there is an effort by Washington and its allies to manipulate Islam and subordinate it to capitalist interests by ushering in a new […]

Wikileaks-released State Department cables from November 2007 and afterwards show the real reason for the mounting U.S. hostility to the Libyan government prior to the current civil war. NATO has been dropping devastating bunker-busting bombs on Muammar Gaddafi’s home in an attempt to assassinate him. One son and several grandchildren have died but Gaddafi has […]

June 11, 2011 Note: The following letter, which is self-explanatory, was emailed to various officials of the African Union, whose email addresses were available on its web site, on June 8, 2011. So far, I have received no response and none is expected. In the sinister post-communist imperialist dominated world reality, there are unprecedented types […]

The relentless and intensifying Western air war against Libya will soon enter its fourth month. For the first thirteen days starting on March 19 under the control of U.S. Africa Command and Operation Odyssey Dawn and thereafter the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led Operation Unified Protector, the air assaults represent the second longest armed aggression in […]

A new phase of the war is unfolding leading to a process of military escalation as well as the eventual landing of US-NATO commandos on Libya’s shores. An unprecedented deployment of naval power in the Mediterranean is occurring. On June 1st, the members states of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) meeting in Brussels decided to “renew […]

This project should have seen the light of day on 26 May 2011 at the G8 summit in Deauville (France). The dollar would thus have met its demise as the reserve currency against the backdrop of an imminent cessation of payments on the part of the U.S. Federal Government. Unfortunately, in the final months of this process, military and political initiatives disrupted the plan. DSK’s arrest exposes Washington’s bad faith, and shows that its concessions were a only ploy to gain time.

Guarantee 10 percent and capital will do anything, guarantee 20 percent and it really comes to life, at 50 percent, it is ready to cut off its own head, at 100 percent, it will trample every human law, and at 300 percent, there is no crime it will not risk, even if it means the […]

The U.S. government suffered a major diplomatic setback in the Central Asian region when Zalmay Rasoul, the Afghan Foreign Minister, traveled to Beijing to discuss proposals for tightening Afghan relations with the Chinese government despite prior American warnings that it should not do so.

To lead the counter-revolution in this region, Washington and Tel Aviv have relied on their best support: the Sudairi clan, which embodies despotism at the service of imperialism unlike any other. Saudi Arabia is a legal entity created by the British during the First World War to weaken the Ottoman Empire. As the British inquiry on the Al-Yamamah Scandal brought to light, in the 21st century there are still no bank accounts or budget for the Kingdom. It is the accounts of the royal family that serve to administer the Kingdom, which is its private domain.

In several countries including South Africa and Colombia, they started recruiting mercenaries to form an initial battalion of 800 men. They are trained in the UAE by U.S., British, French and German military professionals, with a background in special forces and the secret services. The trainers are paid 200-300 thousand dollars a year, while the recruits receive about $150 a day.

NATO is getting ready for a land operation against Libya. The alliance requires only sanction from the U.N. Security Council. Broader intervention in Libya is due to fear of losing control of the situation. In case it’s not possible to get Russia and China to vote in favor of this operation, provocations will ensue. Even […]

[Editorial] As today’s Russian Pravda news reports, in its May 10th’s article “NATO Is Ready for a Land Operation in Libya,” it seems US/NATO gets so close to their “land invasion” plan in Libya. According to the report from Moscow, the US/NATO insists UN Security Council should allow them to go ahead with their land […]

In effect, via the instrument of a controlled NATO propaganda barrage, the US government with no verifiable proof claimed Gaddafi’s air force slaughtered innocent civilians. That in turn has been the basis on which Amr Moussa and members of the Arab League bowed down before heavy Washington pressure to give Washington and London the quasi-legal fig leaf it needed. That unproven slaughter of allegedly innocent civilians was why a “humanitarian” war was necessary. On that basis, we might ask why not put a no-fly NATO bombardment operation as well on Bahrain, or Yemen, or Syria? Who decides the criteria in this new terrain of Responsibility to Protect?

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya:   The War on Libya – PART II In the first part of this text , the events that led to the conditions that set the backdrop for the present conflict in Libya were discussed. The present text examines the events which were conducive to the NATO led war on Libya. […]

By Prof. Peter Dale Scott: The present NATO campaign against Gaddafi in Libya has given rise to great confusion, both among those waging this ineffective campaign, and among those observing it. Many whose opinions I normally respect see this as a necessary war against a villain – though some choose to see Gaddafi as the […]

In fact what the Pentagon and NATO have done is breach international law by intervening on the side of one of the combating parties in Libya in a civil war that they themselves have encouraged and fuelled. They have not protected civilians, but have launched a war against the Libyan regime in Tripoli and actively assisted the Benghazi-based Transitional Council in fighting the Libyan military.

Events in Libya are not exclusive to the military theatre. There is a geopolitical and economic chess match at play between the West and China in a battle for Africa and with it, the largest basket of natural resources on Earth. In Libya we are witnessing what could be described as a New Cold War between the West and China, but from its early stages we can see that this war is hardly a cold one. It’s a hot war, one which might very well threaten the delicate stability that remains between the major economic and military powers across multiple global regions.

U.S. and European ruling circles focused on these funds, so that before carrying out a military attack on Libya to get their hands on its energy wealth, they took over the Libyan sovereign wealth funds. Facilitating this operation is the representative of the Libyan Investment Authority, Mohamed Layas himself: as revealed in a cable published by WikiLeaks.

[Editorial] An answer to this now becoming very much clear day-by-day and much more apparent question seems to be unfortunately “Yes!” Why? How? Who is the real and main culprit in this (another) imperial saga of “sexed up” games of lies, lies, and lies? As F. William Engdahl has already argued US “resource war” with […]

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