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Libya: Lies 2011-04-20

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey: Does anyone trust NATO? After the lies about Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, after the lies about Serbs mistreating Kosovar Albanians, now we have claims that Muammar Al-Gaddafi is using cluster bombs against the Islamist terrorists aided and abetted by the USA, UK and France. The Libyan government denies this claim […]

Founded under US President George Bush Jr, AFRICOM is a subset of the larger neo-conservative Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Central to AFRICOM’s strategic goals is to confront the increasing Chinese influence on the continent.

Fighting in Libya continues between opposition forces and troops loyal to Colonel Gadhafi. In the west of the country , rebels controlling the city of Misrata, have fought off a government attack. Full Story>> To discuss the situation in Libya, here CCTV current affairs commentator, Gregory Tsang. Q1: How do you interpret the Libyan government’s move to […]

BRICS, a group of emerging economies, will change the global governance, and benefit Africa through deeper cooperation in broad areas, a South African expert said in a recent exclusive interview with Xinhua. BRICS, the acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has been widely used as a symbol of the shift in global […]

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Unknown to most of the world, the long-planned campaign against Libya is based on a more fundamental strategic concern. In the language of geopolitics, the term “strategic” is synonymous with nuclear weaponry. The Western powers are now fighting the Second Uranium War against forces loyal to Col Muammar Qadhafi.

From the Berlin Conference of 1884 to the London Conference of 2011   The leaders of 14 capitalist powers in Europe plus the United States met for a conference in Berlin 126 years ago to decide how all of Africa’s land and vast resources would be divided as colonies and zones of control among themselves. […]

It seems that Libya’s situation reversed in one night. At first, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates publicly claimed on 27th that the United States was against “regime change” in Libya. He said that although U.S. President Barak Obama clearly requested the stepping down of Libya’s leader Gadhafi, regime change has never been a part […]

It has been two weeks since the western powers started the military interference in Libya. The American President Obama said that the U.S. government would not take down Gaddafi using military force, fearing that what happened with Iraq might happen again with Libya. WenHui Daily, a newspaper from Hong Kong, published a report on March […]

Concepts are Turned Upside Down: The US-NATO military alliance is supporting a rebellion integrated by Islamic terrorists, in the name of the “War on Terrorism”… There are various factions within the Libyan opposition: Royalists, defectors from the Qadhafi regime including the Minister of Justice and more recently the Foreign Minister, Moussa Koussa, members of the Libyan Armed […]

I am not going to make a case for Ghaddafi’s canonisation as a saint. My knowledge of the man is limited to things I read in the Western media, and the only certainty is that much of that information is incorrect – supplied by the US propaganda machine. But let’s quickly review a few things […]

The false narrative they conjured up was that their military action was for the protection of unarmed civilians who were peacefully protesting for their rights. What is happening in Libya, however, is an armed insurrection against the government. The insurrection is being led by former Libyan government officials who defected and joined with other opposition forces. The Security Council resolution was crafted to provide foreign military intervention to aid this armed insurrection by attacking the military forces of the Libyan government along with other sites and installations.

For the world including those four BRIC nations seem helplessly failed to stop US/NATO’s another immoral, hypocritical, and most importantly “criminal” military operation against Libya. Those three so-called “allies” who are to carry out so-called another UN resolution to impose another “no-fly zone” against another sovereign nation are US (present “Global Empire”), Britain (former “British Empire”) and France (another former Western empire).

Muammar Gaddafi is warning that military action launched by the international coalition could spiral out of control. He is accusing Western powers of creating instability in Libya. In a statement, Gaddafi said that the coalition may have started something which it cannot control. He also accused coalition leaders of jeopardizing their nations’ vested interests in […]

NEW YORK – At the United Nations headquarters, signs of a brewing debate as heated as the 2003 invasion of Iraq can be found aplenty. Parallel to the growing criticisms of the Barack Obama administration’s military gambit in Libya in the US Congress, which saw the House of Representatives speaker John Boehner demand an explanation […]

By James Petras and Robin E. Abaya Abaya:   Introduction Many critics of the ongoing Euro-US wars in the Middle East and, now, North Africa, have based their arguments on clichés and generalizations devoid of fact. The most common line heard in regard to the current US-Euro war on Libya is that it’s “all about […]

By Barry Grey:   The conference on Libya held Tuesday at London’s Lancaster House was a repulsive exercise in hypocrisy and cynicism. In the name of liberating the Libyan people, the United States and Britain brought together foreign ministers from 40 countries and dignitaries from international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO and the […]

By Rick Rozoff: At its summit in Lisbon, Portugal last November the North Atlantic Treaty Organization adopted its first strategic concept for the 21st century, one in keeping with its expansion into not only a pan-European but a self-styled international military force. In addition to subordinating all of Europe to a U.S.-dominated interceptor missile system, […]

Libyan government spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, has accused the West of interfering in his country’s affairs without first entering into peaceful dialogue. He made the remarks, in an interview with British broadcaster, Sky News. He said, “We are the only party in the conflict that said let’s come to the negotiation table; we are the only […]

A war on Libya has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for more than 20 years. On April 14th 1986, Ronald Reagan ordered a series of bombings directed against Libya under “Operation El Dorado Canyon”, in reprisal for an alleged Libya sponsored terrorist bombing of a Berlin discotheque. The pretext was fabricated. During […]

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