Recommended Articles by Editor
Recommended Articles by Editor

The Issue is National Sovereignty, not “Freedom”  It is an accepted principle that each and every nation controls its own airwaves and internal communication systems. Broadcasting, telephone and other such media are accepted without question as under the sovereignty of each nation. The Internet is not different in this regard. It’s true that this medium […]

  Simple Truths: your cannons are for killing | your planes are for killing       On June 2, 2012, an Egyptian judge sentenced former President Hosni Mubarak to life in prison after being found guilty of conspiring in the killing of about 850 protesters during the first six days of protests that ended […]

Heating up under the unyielding summer sun, Israel is facing a new wave of inner Jewish wars, this time in clear preparation for the October 2013 elections. Haredim and Zionists compete against each other in a chess game with no rules, where Reform and Conservative Jews are colorless pawns serving both opponents. En passant Ovadia […]

Apparently, James Fallows‘ latest book, “China Airborn” has argued the reason the Internet in China is ‘slow’ is due to censorship. Due to censorship, Fallows argued, China would never be innovative enough and hence won’t be able to produce her own companies like Apple. In this article, he capitulates to his readers who contend that the Internet […]

There was a recent article in the Wall Street Journal that quoted from an interview with Canada’s finance minister, Mark Carney, containing the following (and similar) observations: “China has a “responsibility” to . . . restructure its economy, if it is to help rebalance the global economy and aid in its recovery.” “The global economy […]

US-Administration Terror Cartel Screws Us Both Ways – The Death Porn Re-Election Campaign of Obama has begun. In a report published on Tuesday, the New York Times stated that US-President Obama, since he has come to office, has assumed an “unprecedented role in personally overseeing a shadow war against Al-Qaeda, including making final decisions whether […]

Frictions in the South China Sea – Chinese strategic mistake On the eastern, ascendant flank of the Eurasian continent, the Chinese vertigo economy is overheated and too-well integrated in the petrodollar system. (Beijing, presently, cannot contemplate or afford to allocate any resources in a search for an alternative. The Sino economy is low-wage- and labor intensive- centered. Chinese revenues are heavily dependent on exports and Chinese reserves are predominantly a mix of the USD and US Treasury bonds.) To sustain itself as a single socio-political and formidably performing economic entity, the People’s Republic requires more energy and less external dependency. Domestically, the demographic-migratory pressures are huge, regional demands are high, and expectations are brewing. Considering its best external energy dependency equalizer (and inner cohesion solidifier), China seems to be turning to its military upgrade rather than towards the resolute alternative energy/Green Tech investments – as it has no time, plan or resources to do both at once. Inattentive of a broader picture, Beijing (probably falsely) believes that lasting containment, especially in the South China Sea, is unbearable, and that – at the same time – fossil-fuels are available (e.g., in Africa and the Gulf), and even cheaper with the help of warships.

Journalists for the most part report what they know and hope that someone pays attention. With so many media outlets, brands, bloggers and sloggers out there, it is rare for challenging ideas to touch a larger nerve or get visibility beyond fragmented followings. The idea of winning global attention is a far off dream unless […]

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