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Secretary John Kerry and friends have managed what can only be called a brilliant double suicide. The September 2014 deal with Saudi Arabia to crash oil prices, then at $103 a barrel for US WTI grade crude oil, not only has managed to bring the US shale oil industry—Washington’s new strategic card allowing the US to essentially abandon her Saudi and Gulf Arab allies–to the brink of bankruptcy and collapse. The oil price collapse, ironically, also gave Russian oil beautiful profits and forced the companies to turn east for far larger and more lucrative new markets. Team Russia-Saudi Arabia: 2 to 0 for Team USA-Canada. At the present rate of developments, with oil prices frantically being pushed up by derivative trades only to crash back the next day, today hovering at $47 a barrel for the benchmark US West Texas Intermediate or WTI, I would estimate that a major share of USA shale companies will be forced to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy before year-end or into the first quarter of 2016.

Some speculation is weaving through the airwaves that once its US-imposed sanctions are lifted in several months, Iran will shift its existing allegiance with Russia and instead double-cross the Great Russian Bear by doing gas and oil export deals that directly undercut Russia, especially Gazprom’s Turkish Stream gas pipeline aimed at the southern EU states. […]

The formally still-communist Peoples’ Republic of China has just experienced what we can call their “October 1929 Moment.” The most colossal stock market crash the world has ever seen is still underway a full two months after the spectacular rocket ascent of the Shanghai and Schenzhen stock prices began an equally spectacular reverse. Like many […]

At a commemorative celebration in Beijing on Thursday September 3rd, marking the 70th Anniversary of China’s freedom from the aggressor Japan ending World War II in China, the United States conspicuously avoided siding with its former WW II ally China, which had been one of the pro-democracy Allies during that war, and instead retrospectively switched […]

Fact Or Fiction? Russia has begun its military intervention in Syria, deploying an aerial contingent to a permanent Syrian base, in order to launch attacks against ISIS and Islamist rebels; US stays silent. Russian fighter pilots are expected to begin arriving in Syria in the coming days, and will fly their Russian air force fighter jets and attack helicopters against ISIS and rebel-aligned targets within the failing state. According to Western diplomats, a Russian expeditionary force has already arrived in Syria and set up camp in an Assad-controlled airbase. The base is said to be in area surrounding Damascus, and will serve, for all intents and purposes, as a Russian forward operating base.

Putin: Trade in rubles & yuan will weaken dollar’s influence (APEC 2014 Full Speech, Q&A) A VIDEO PRESENTATION:   Russian President Vladimir Putin has drafted a bill that aims to eliminate the US dollar and the euro from trade between CIS countries. This means the creation of a single financial market between Russia, Armenia, […]

An open letter to the citizens, politicians, and regulators of the UK and the rest of the EU about the hazards of genetically modified crops We are writing as concerned American citizens to share with you our experience of genetically modified (GM) crops and the resulting damage to our agricultural system and adulteration of our […]

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The worldwide economic crisis in 2009 hammered China’s economy, but the nation rebounded far more quickly than many of its global counterparts. Even as their economic growth has slowed recently, that bounce is reflected in Chinese satisfaction with their household income levels. Two-thirds of Chinese (66%) in 2014 were very or somewhat […]

Judiciary Branch Has Self-Abolished The US no longer has a judiciary. This former branch of government has transitioned into an enabler of executive branch fascism. Privacy is a civil liberty protected by the US Constitution. The Constitution relies on courts to enforce its prohibitions against intrusive government, but if the executive branch claims (no proof required) “national security,” courts kiss the Constitution good-bye. Federal judges are chosen by the executive branch. The senate can refuse to confirm, but that is rare. The executive branch chooses judges who are friendly to executive power. This is especially the case for the appeals courts and the Supreme Court. The Justice (sic) Department keeps tabs on district court judges who rule against the government, and these judges don’t make it to the higher courts. The result over time is to erode civil liberty.

The Chinese are in the process of displacing the monopoly of the US dollar. They are dropping their US Treasury bonds, stockpiling gold reserves, and opening regional distribution banks for their own national currency. This will give them easier access to capital markets and insulate them from financial manipulation by Washington and Wall Street. Fearing the eclipsing of the US dollar and the Bretton Woods system by a rival financial architecture the US response has been an attempt to damage the Chinese markets and increase the value of China’s currency. China has responded through regulations in the market and then quantitative easing of its currency to maintain the low prices of Chinese manufactured goods and exports.

The most recent dramatic escalation of military and political tensions on the Korean peninsula in August 2015 can be viewed from various perspectives, but what stands out is the fact that despite Seoul’s continual declarations of their desire to build trust between the North and the South, not only economic cooperation, but even meaningful dialog […]

Not a week goes by without the Pentagon carping about an ominous Russian “threat”. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey entered certified Donald “known unknown” Rumsfeld territory when he recently tried to conceptualize the “threat”; “Threats are the combination, or the aggregate, of capabilities and intentions. Let me set aside for the […]

I suppose much of the journo commentariat was born since 2008 and therefore has no memory of TARP, Too Big To Fail, or Jamie Dimon rolling around naked inside a gigantic vat of taxpayer money, so there has been a considerable amount of handwring about how the CCP defiled the purity of the stock market by flinging […]

Kim Jong Un Guides Enlarged Meeting of WPK Central Military Commission [Editor’s note: In order to let our global readers of The 4th Media directly find out, without being sucked or brainwashed into stereotypical lies, distortions, false reports, in the form of ‘demonization campaign’, evermore generated by most West’s corporate (mainstream) media outlets in the world, how the DPRK’s top leadership views […]

[Editor’s note: The following article was written in Korean by an unknown writer in South Korea. It was posted originally at on August 28th, 2015. And one of The 4th Media supporters translanted it and then sent it to us. We believe this short translated article may help our global readers to understand the latest war […]

A profound and significant change has just occurred in the Levant – the Russian army has begun to engage against terrorism in Syria. Although Russia has been absent from the international scene since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and although it is moving with care, it has just created a Russo-Syrian Commission, has begun […]

Economic Destabilization, Financial Meltdown and the Rigging of the Shanghai Stock Market? The dramatic collapse of the Shanghai stock exchange has been presented to public opinion as the result of a spontaneous “market mechanism”, triggered by weaknesses in China’s economy. The Western media consensus in chorus (WSJ, Bloomberg, Financial Times) portend that Chinese stocks tumbled due to “uncertainty” in response to recent data “suggesting a downturn in the world’s second-largest economy”. This interpretation is erroneous. It distorts the workings of stock markets which are the object of routine speculative operations. An engineered decline in the Dow Jones, for instance, can be precipitated in various ways: e.g. short selling, betting on the decline of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the options market, etc. 1

Despite the ongoing islands dispute, Japan and China are growing closer.  Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been taking constructive measures to ease tensions with China since late 2014. (Photo: Flickr Commons) (The views presented are not necessarily those of Focal Points.) By reiterating Japan’s “unshakable” apology for World War II and legalizing the necessary […]

US Tests Space Weapon: Back to Star Wars With public attention centered on other things the United States has been deploying new and more sophisticated weaponry in space. Step by step the Earth’s orbit is becoming primed for war. A growing number of space objects lurk in space and there is a good reason to surmise that they are possibly waiting for commands to disable other satellites and start a star war. The US deploys powerful sea-based Aegis air-defense systems that, with accurate guidance, could reach into orbit to destroy enemy spacecraft. A war in orbit could wreck the satellites network the world so much relies on. It has been reported that the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is to reboot the concept of Airborne Laser by building a laser-armed aircraft that can shoot down ballistic missiles at the time they are the most vulnerable – just after launch – without having to come close and risk being shot down itself.

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