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From 24-hour complaint hotlines to instant additive detectors, local governments in China are striving to battle the illegal use of food additives following a string of food scandals. According to a statement released Saturday by the office of the food safety commission under the State Council, China’s Cabinet, governments in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Guangdong […]

China plans to expand a piloted pension program to 60 percent of its rural areas this year, an increase from the original target of 40 percent, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang said Friday. Zhang made the remarks during a visit to the cities of Yulin and Baoji in Shaanxi Province that lasted from Wednesday to […]

China’s central government has encouraged more media scrutiny of its increasingly tainted quality of food, ranging from milks and buns with chemical additives, filthy cooking oil to tainted pork and beef. The relentless headlines in Chinese newspapers and online news have churned up “queasy feelings for months about the dangers lurking in the nation’s dinner […]

Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region is poised to become the country’s leading solar power generation base with 10 more photovoltaic power plants to be completed within this year. The new plants, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan ($308 million) and a combined 100-megawatt capacity, will take advantage of Tibet’s ample solar energy resources […]

Just like the weather, everyone talks about earthquakes, but Yang Zhimin wants to do something about these powerful natural killers.  The retiree knows it’s not possible to stop them, but he is eager for decision-makers to take his work seriously, which is predicting earthquakes in China. Yang, 57, spends his days inside a small apartment […]

China put more than 150 desert islands on the market, but eager buyers found more than they bargained for.

Shrinking supplies of oil and other key resources, combined with soaring demand, have pushed energy and resource prices to record highs, threatening economic growth around the world. The international accounting and consulting company Deloitte predicts energy consumption will increase 57 percent by 2030, with non-Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries accounting for a […]

As we commemorate the anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan province, which is also designated as National Disaster Reduction Day in China, it is timely to reflect on how we can reduce the risk of such devastation in the future. We all hope China will never experience another Wenchuan, but Japan’s recent earthquake and […]

BEIJING – A senior judge has suggested that not all drunken drivers should be held criminally responsible, despite the fact that the newly amended Criminal Law defines it as a crime. Starting on May 1, the newly amended Criminal Law stipulates “those who drive when drunk should be sentenced to jail terms of between one […]

Research says millions are displaced annually as a result of climate disasters. We must take the precautionary approach

BEIJING – What is the most lucrative industry in China? The answer lies in selling neither securities nor real estate but in building highways. Payments of highway and bridge tolls make up as much as a third of the total transport costs incurred by trucking and other types of hauling companies at a time when […]

Most global investors predict China’s yuan will be convertible into other currencies by 2016, with 50 percent seeing it joining the dollar, yen and euro as a reserve currency within a decade, a Bloomberg poll indicated. Fifty-seven percent of 1,263 Bloomberg customers surveyed who are investors, traders or analysts, including 58 percent of Asian respondents, […]

The news that local family planning officials have been seizing babies and selling them overseas for adoption has sent shock waves through the nation. The actions of the officials have been condemned for sheer inhumanity that amounts to criminal abduction. Media reports said that officials working for a local family planning bureau in Shaoyang, Hunan […]

Like many countries that are fascinated with education, China has its own ranking list of schools, Wu Shulian’s Chinese University Rankings (CUR). Each year the announcement of CUR routinely attracts criticism of its questionable methodology. CUR 2011, announced on May 4, suffered the usual magnitude of disbelief. It’s very hard to offer a ranking of […]

Museum burglars bring to mind a Sean Connery type sneaking through a ceiling. Museum security was usually thought to be so good that those looking to steal art would be forced to come up with ever more elaborate plans. Clearly that is not the case. A thief broke into the Palace Museum, or the Forbidden […]

Peasants have paid a heavy price for China’s political and economic transition. They have nothing left to lose except their land, and now, even that is likely to be taken away.  As big cities expand, hundreds of suburban villages are engulfed by urbanization and the land ownership in the rural enclaves in cities has important […]

At a time when the whole world is entangled in economic difficulties, frantic Chinese shoppers are rushing overseas to purchase luxury goods, showing their strong consumption capability to the outside world. This panic-buying phenomenon confuses foreigners and they wonder whether China is really a poor developing country. The outside world’s bewilderment is natural since China’s […]

A bun shop in Shanghai, days after a supplier’s license was revoked. The nation’s food scandals are proliferating again.

Beijing-based performance artist Cheng Li, 57, was sentenced to one year of “re-education through labor” for “disturbing public order” on Friday by Tongzhou district branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, according to Cheng’s lawyer, Wang Zhenyu. Cheng’s detention is linked his work entitled Sensitive Times at the Songzhuang Art Zone in Tongzhou district on […]

The dollar doesn’t have much clout these days. The greenback has lost 12 percent of its value against foreign currencies since the chaotic period after the failure of Lehman Brothers in 2008, and nearly 5 percent since the end of 2010.Economists are debating the end of the era of the dollar, while news organizations paint […]

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