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 China and the United States on Monday agreed to jointly reduce the risk of “miscalculation” between the two powerful armed forces, as they restore military ties frayed by a massive US arms deal to Taiwan a year ago. Defense Minister Liang Guanglie, however, reiterated China’s opposition to US arms sales to Taiwan, an issue which […]

Goals from Zhang Linpeng and Deng Zhuoxiang ensured China made the perfect start to their AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011™ campaign with a 2-0 win over 10-man Kuwait at Al Gharafa Stadium on Saturday. The Kuwaitis always faced a difficult task after defender Musaed Neda was sent off in the 35th minute and China made […]

The New Year holiday period is traditionally a time for dance companies to showcase their best in Beijing. Dance is always popular during the New Year holiday season in Beijing and 2011 is no different. No matter what your age or taste, there is sure to be something to whet your appetite. If you are […]

  “Pak-China Friendship is higher than Himalayas and deeper than Oceans,” this statement was made in Islamabad, as Pakistan and China launched this year as the “Pak-China Friendship year-2011″ on January 1; indicating a strengthening of relations between the two Asian nations. The ceremony that launched the ties of friendship was held at Pak-China Friendship […]

Bamboo houses are the traditional housing of the Dai ethnic group in Xishuangbanna. This kind of building is primarily built of bamboo—the posts, girders, purlins, rafters, doors and walls are all made of bamboo. The Xishuangbanna area belongs to the tropical rainforest climate, and the rainfall is huge. For this reason, the roof of the […]

China will likely see “strong” increases in salaries in the five years through 2015 as the nation’s supply of labor dwindles and consumers begin to spend more and save less, Credit Suisse Group AG said in a report. Wages may increase to be equal to 62 percent of China’s gross domestic product by 2015 from […]

Major Japanese media outlets have named improving ties with China the top task for Japan’s cabinet in 2011 in their special new year coverage. The Kyodo News Agency said it is a diplomatic priority for Japan to improve the deteriorated Sino-Japanese relations since a maritime collision in waters around China’s Diaoyu Islands in September made […]

Beijing on Thursday reiterated its support for talks between the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) after Seoul signaled a desire to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula. “Talks and negotiations are the only correct and effective approach to solve issues on the Korean Peninsula and realize its long-term […]

There is a growing chorus of voices in the media and the academy singling out the actions of the Chinese state as central to the dilemmas of the world economy. This focus finds its most articulate presentations, not in the xenophobia of the right, but in the polite analysis of many left-liberals. Nobel Laureate economist […]

Recent events in East Asia within the last few weeks now gradually confirm widespread speculations from ‘dissident’ writers and several alternative media outlets that a plot to destabilize China and the Asia Pacific region as a whole is being cooked within various circles in the United States and by its Asian allies – particularly Japan and […]

China will stick to its national family planning policy, but improve its policies in aspects like reproduction, migration and gender equality to achieve a more balanced and sustainable population development, said a senior official. “A comprehensive plan will be formulated to realize a healthy population growth, improve levels of government competence, optimize population structure and […]

China now has the second largest economy in the world after the United States. But there are still some obstacles that the country has to overcome in the course of its economic development. These obstacles revolve around the income or wealth gap which exists in the country.  The wealth gap in China remains one of […]

China has become the world’s second largest consumer market of gold after India, with the demand for Gold  increasing 13 percent on average annually. According to Sun Fengmin, Deputy Director with Gem & Jewelry Trade Association of China, “in spite of severe recession of high-end commodities in global terms, China saw a boom in consumption […]

Muslims are free to live their lives in China, and enjoy freedom of worship as well as  Halal food everywhere in the country. Ma Jin, Deputy Director of the Islamic Department of the SARA (State Administration for Religious Affairs), told China Daily that along with other migrant workers, a large number of Muslims have migrated […]

Chinese music is gaining international recognition around the world. Some leading companies such as the National Ballet of China, the National Peking Opera Company and the China Philharmonic Orchestra have all been applauded for promoting different genres of Chinese music.  One of the famous Chinese musicians  abroad, Cellist Wang Jian said in a report that, “I […]

China boasts the third-largest population of millionaires in the world, behind the United States and Japan, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said in a recent report. The United States still leads with more than 4.7 million “millionaire households” followed by Japan and China. According to the report of the Population reference bureau and Boston consulting […]

Over the past three decades, we have seen China grow, change and develop. We have seen difficult times, and we have seen improvement in the economy. We have seen millions of people lifted out of poverty, cities with modern facilities are being constructed; and we have witnessed the hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games, and […]

The world is becoming smaller, and younger generations today are getting a chance that our parents and grandparents did not have – that is to travel the world, study abroad and learn about things we could only dare to think of before. The world has become more receptive, and has given us a chance to […]

Chinese nationals studying abroad still have to seek ways of coping with the growing competition posed by graduates from top universities in China upon their return to the country. The overseas returnees also have to grapple with the salary scale offered by employers.   With the fast-growing economy and improved domestic education, homegrown graduates gradually […]

China’s pattern of economic growth is changing. The country is depending more and more on domestic consumption than external demand. Previously, beginning from the 1980’s and 1990’s, when China’s economy first began rapid expansion, economic growth relied mainly on exports. China was called the “workshop of the world”, producing everything from clothes and shoes to […]

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