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On the first week of April 2012, Jaakko Laajava, Finland’s Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs informally visited Jerusalem to discuss Israel’s participation in the upcoming Nonproliferation Treaty Conference, to be held this December in Helsinki. He met with an Israeli team headed by Foreign Ministry Deputy Director General Jeremy Issacharoff, and that included representatives […]

In today Money’s Morning…China rising…a conflict of interest forming…not much diversity in the Aussie share market… doubling your money…an undervalued market… [The] April the 4th 2012 was an important day in Australia’s history. This was the day 200 US marines arrived in Darwin from Hawaii. Australia is now officially a pawn in a dangerous geopolitical […]

KEVIN Rudd is back, igniting a passion for foreign affairs after his failed tilt for the Labor leadership and promising to kick-start an ”intelligent” national conversation on Australia’s ties with Asia. In his first major speech after six weeks of relative quiet since challenging Prime Minister Julia Gillard for his old job, Mr Rudd last […]

The death of remarkable Australian mountaineer Lincoln Hall from mesothelioma last month, at the age of just 56, has brought back into sharp focus the deadly properties of asbestos.  Hall was a man so tough that, in 2006, he survived a night without oxygen or shelter in the withering cold of an 8,700 metre slope […]

In the last month, there was an accumulation of odd news items concerning German humiliation by Israel, culminating with two truly odd affairs. German Nobel laureate Gunter Grass was declared persona non grata in Israel, and Richard Wagner’s music was rejected by the Israeli Opera as an overture for a show by a U.K.-based Israeli […]

There is one thing certain about U.S. Pentagon strategy: it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. And using an old trick from Operation Desert Storm, establishing a humanitarian, NATO-protected no-fly salient in northern Iraq’s Kurdish area, appears to be the same strategy envisioned for northern Syria. There is much in common between the U.S.-led NATO planning for a northern Syria occupation zone and the no-fly zone established in 1992 for Iraq. Both NATO operations were and are intended to drive Arab Ba’ath Socialist regimes from power. In Iraq, the target was the Ba’ath Party headed by Saddam Hussein; in Syria, the target is, again, an Arab Ba’ath Party and the regime headed by Bashar Al Assad. In Iraq, a no-fly zone was established from the 36th parallel north to the Turkish border. If one were top draw that same boundary westward, it closely compares to the NATO-protected humanitarian zone being proposed for Syria. The NATO-protected northern Syria salient would encompass the cities of Aleppo and Idlib and the provinces of Idlib, Halab, Ar Raqqah, and Al Hasakah (the latter two where many Syrian Kurds live).

The Presidency of the General Assembly at the United Nations this year is held by the former Ambassador from Qatar, Nassir Abdulaziz al Nasser. On Thursday, April 5, the President (PGA) held an informal plenary meeting of the General Assembly. Often an informal meeting is called when the meeting will be closed to the press […]

Interview to Daniele Scalea by Natella Speranskaya and Alexander Bovdunov   Within the framework of an international conference on the “Theory of Multipolar World” which is to be held at Moscow State University on 25th and 26th April, Natella Speranskaya and Alexander Bovdunov have interviewed the Italian analyst Daniele Scalea (IsAG), co-editor-in-chief of the journal […]

…[King George III] has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions…. –Declaration of Independence of the 13 United States of America, July 4, 1776 ____________________________________________________________________________   I […]

Report: China Surpassed U.S. in 2010 While the IMF forecasts that China will surpass America as the world’s top economy in 2016, it may have already become dog top. As Arvind Subramanian – former assistant director in the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund, and now senior fellow jointly at the Peterson Institute for International Economics – noted in January: […]

With 83 states and intergovernmental organizations represented, the second “Friends” of Syria conference was a media success. Yet, all the glimmer and gloss cannot hide NATO’s and the GCC’s defeat in Syria, which after a year of low intensity war have failed to bring about regime change and are now compelled to retreat in the […]

While United States and Israeli leaders, duly assisted by a warmongering media, ramp up war talk against Iran, two troublesome pieces of information are ritually ignored. First, even American intelligence reports conclude that Iran is not close to building a nuclear-weapons program.   Second, it is the U.S. and Israel – not Iran – that stand […]

Politicians in the United States must ritualistically assert that the U.S. is and always will be the world’s leading economic, military and political power. This chant may help win elections in a country where respectable people deny global warming and evolution, but it has nothing to do with the real world.   Those familiar with […]

More than two years ago I began warning readers of the most heinous acts of fraud ever perpetrated by the Western banking crime syndicate, which I dubbed“economic terrorism”. These swindles involved nothing less than the destruction of entire European economies, solely so that the banksters could profit on approximately $100 trillion in bets they had placed on […]

The Times reports that the United Arab Emirates has shut down the offices of the National Democratic Institute, a nonprofit U.S. agency whose mission is to promote democracy around the globe. The NDI is often called an NGO, short for nongovernmental organization, which might leave some people a bit quizzical given that this particular NGO is funded to […]

For a nation which has historically subordinated itself to larger powers, Australia’s Labour-led foreign policy shows little divergence away from being wholly complicit to American full spectrum dominance in the region. For all of its pristine natural beauty, the continent-nation has become a treasure chest of precious natural resources managed by a monopolistic elite, and […]

I am sick of being anti-war. Are wars inevitable? War crimes? If we really don’t want wars, it behooves us to get serious about understanding their causes, and choose to radically address them. Otherwise, what’s the point? Feeling a “rush” with like-minded folks at political actions only perpetuates our addiction to anti-war rallies, which do […]

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, surrounded by Gulf leaders on 1 April in Istanbul during the second conference of “Friends” of Syria. On March 21, 2012 the UN Security Council unanimously (all 15 members) approved a statement on Syria that is to facilitate the crisis solution. The statement is a six point proposal emphasizing […]

“The Bretton Woods times institutions are not the right tools to meet the 21 century challenges.” “An agreement to replace the US dollar by own currencies in mutual credit lines is a great achievement of the summit.” “The BRICS countries are saying that the US economy is currently ineffective and prone to risks.” On 28-29 […]

Kofi Annan: black skin, white masks Although Kofi Annan’s track record at the UN is an indisputable success in terms of management and efficiency, he has been sharply criticized for his political shortcomings. As Secretary General, he aspired to bring the Organization into line with the unipolar world and the globalization of U.S. hegemony. He […]

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