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China Will Reopen the Old Silk Road as a New Trading Route Linking Germany, Russia & China Russia has just dropped another bombshell, announcing not only the de-coupling of its trade from the dollar, but also that its hydrocarbon trade will in the future be carried out in rubles and local currencies of its trading partners – no longer in dollars – see Voice of Russia Russia’s trade in hydrocarbons amounts to about a trillion dollars per year. Other countries, especially the BRICS and BRCIS-associates (BRICSA) may soon follow suit and join forces with Russia, abandoning the ‘petro-dollar’ as trading unit for oil and gas. This could amount to tens of trillions in loss for demand of petro-dollars per year (US GDP about 17 trillion dollars – December 2013) – leaving an important dent in the US economy would be an understatement.

60% of Japan’s 48 viable nuclear reactors, are not as yet being considered for application to the Nuclear Regulation Agency (NRA) for restart   90% of Japan reactors to be out of service   Japan’s energy policy regime appears dangerously adrift in the context of accelerating climate change. The core problem is agency. On the […]

[The 4th Media Editorial Note: This Global Research article was originally posted on April 27, 2012.] The prospect of an unparalleled Eurasian economic boom lasting into the next Century and beyond is at hand. The first steps binding the vast economic space are being constructed with a number of little-publicized rail links connecting China, Russia, […]

  Western leaders’ attempts to create the illusion that everyone approves of the idea of imposing sanctions against Russia is coming up against the obvious discrepancy between this made-up picture and the real state of affairs. There are many both in the U.S. and in Europe who consider imposing sanctions to be a mistake, and […]

    Turkey expects China to invest in its high speed railway project from the eastern tip to the western part of the country, which would constitute an important part of the modern Silk Railroad, said the General Director of Turkish State Railway Suleyman Karaman here on Wednesday. Karaman made the remarks at the 11th […]

The Syrian government stressed that Turkey has regularly facilitated the entry of armed terrorist groups into the Kessab area in Syria’s Lattakia province. An Armenian M.P. who visited Syria is calling on the world to wake up to the fact that thousands of extremists have crossed the Turkish- Syrian border and that missiles were fired […]

The Economist magazine looks a tChina’s accumulated more capital per worker versus other fast-growing countries had at a similar stage of development. But it also has many stages of development ahead of it. Its capital stock per worker is only about a quarter of South Korea’s, for example. As the economy grows, big problems tend […]

War by Other Means: The Violence of North Korean Human Rights This essay offers a historicized overview of the consolidation of contemporary human rights as the dominant lingua franca for social justice projects today and applies it to the debate over human rights in North Korea. Highlighting what the rights framework renders legible as well […]

Malaysian media should pose critical questions to the US and its Intelligence Services and not to the Malaysian Government Let me state from the outset that I totally agree with the press statements by Malaysia’s Defence Minister and Acting Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein that “we have conducted ourselves fairly, responsibly and history will judge us for that.” And to a mischievous and presumptuous question from a correspondent of the Financial Times, Datuk Seri with confidence and integrity rightly said without any fear of contradiction that, “I don’t think we could have done anything different from what we have already done.” Well done! The Financial Times, CNN and other foreign media ought to pose similar questions to the US and its intelligence services and stop insinuating that Malaysia has not been transparent and/or engaged in a cover-up. Foreign media should stop engaging in dirty politics!

A worker employed by a contractor at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant died on Friday after being buried by a sudden cave-in of a trench. TEPCO stated it regrets the work of the worker, but continues covering up the death of discharged Fukushima workers from exposure to radiation. TEPCO and the Government intimidate […]

After nearly one month of turning up absolutely nothing, suddenly the public are being told that the case of missing Malaysian airliner MH370 has been solved, well, sort of… It was a search and rescue operation on an unprecedented scale, combing through over 30,000 nautical miles, involving 60 ships and 50 aircraft – all in an […]

    Access to YouTube has been cut off in Turkey after an explosive leak of audiotapes that appeared to show ministers talking about provoking military intervention in Syria. Other social media have already been blocked ahead of tumultuous local elections. The latest leaked audio recording, which reportedly led to the ban, appears to show […]

“We are paying very close attention to the situation in Ukraine. We hope all parties can calmly maintain restraint to prevent the situation from further escalating and worsening. Political resolution and dialogue is the only way out.” This, via Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong, is Beijing’s quite measured, official interpretation of what’s happening in Ukraine, tailored for global consumption. But here, in a People’s Daily editorial, is what the leadership is really thinking. And the focus is clearly on the dangers of regime change, the “West’s inability to understand the lessons of history”, and “the final battlefield of the Cold War.” Yet again the West misinterpreted China’s abstention from the UN Security Council vote on a US-backed resolution condemning the Crimea referendum. The spin was that Russia – which vetoed the resolution – was “isolated”. It’s not. And the way Beijing plays geopolitics shows it’s not.

Hear this word, ye kine of Bashan, that are in the mountain of Samaria, which oppress the poor, which crush the needy—Amos 4:1     For the second time in a few days, I found myself equally immersed in two stories. Again, I concluded that Israel and Russia were cooperating in splitting international attention from […]

The visit of ‘Raja Bomoh Sedunia’ to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) last week to ‘assist’ in the search for the missing flight MH370 caused sniggers by many Malaysians and was ridiculed by the Chinese. The flying carpet and coconut saga played out by the bomohs (Sharmans) has been thecentre of fun on social media and provided excellent fodder […]

As the US militarily pivots into the Asia-Pacific, the Chinese steadily march westward simply through trade-oriented construction and economic projects. The Chinese have finished the construction of a major tunnel that is part of a mountain transport corridor from Turpan to Kurla that is linked to Pakistan. The corridor is part of the extension of the Karakoram Highway that is part of a project to re-integrate the westernmost portion of the People’s Republic of China with the areas of Eurasia to its west. Beijing has been setting up its own transportation infrastructure and energy pipelines in Eurasia, and the infrastructure being built will be the engine of an economic renaissance that is unfolding. The Chinese now have a presence all around the old Silk Road and the ancient maritime trade routes in the Indian Ocean that sold spices and precious metals.

Obama’s Former Foreign Policy Adviser Said – In 1997 – that the U.S. Had to Gain Control of Ukraine     Neoconservatives planned regime change throughout the Middle East and North Africa 20 years ago. Robert Parry correctly points out that the Neocons have successfully “weathered the storm” of disdain after their Iraq war fiasco. But the truth […]

    Preliminary results suggest that 95 percent have answered ‘yes’ to the autonomous republic of Crimea joining Russia with less than 5 percent of the vote in favor of remaining part of Ukraine. These figures are based on preliminary results. 50 percent of the district commissions have completed the counting of the vote. the […]

    Here we go again. The Obama administration, confronted with a foreign-policy crisis, is flailing. This time it isn’t Syria, but Ukraine. The Crimea’s March 16 referendum looms larger each day, but U.S. officials are issuing declarations and little more. America’s paramount goals over the next few days must be to make a final […]

“We do not hide anymore the major target of our multifaceted-nuclear weapons is the United States.” (DPRK)   The Wall Street Journal Former CIA Director Warns About Cyber Threats From North Korea, reports “Such an attack would use electromagnetic radiation to potentially wipe out 70% of the U.S. electric grid and cripple U.S. defenses”   […]

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