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China has become the world’s second largest consumer market of gold after India, with the demand for Gold  increasing 13 percent on average annually. According to Sun Fengmin, Deputy Director with Gem & Jewelry Trade Association of China, “in spite of severe recession of high-end commodities in global terms, China saw a boom in consumption […]

Muslims are free to live their lives in China, and enjoy freedom of worship as well as  Halal food everywhere in the country. Ma Jin, Deputy Director of the Islamic Department of the SARA (State Administration for Religious Affairs), told China Daily that along with other migrant workers, a large number of Muslims have migrated […]

Chinese music is gaining international recognition around the world. Some leading companies such as the National Ballet of China, the National Peking Opera Company and the China Philharmonic Orchestra have all been applauded for promoting different genres of Chinese music.  One of the famous Chinese musicians  abroad, Cellist Wang Jian said in a report that, “I […]

China boasts the third-largest population of millionaires in the world, behind the United States and Japan, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) said in a recent report. The United States still leads with more than 4.7 million “millionaire households” followed by Japan and China. According to the report of the Population reference bureau and Boston consulting […]

Over the past three decades, we have seen China grow, change and develop. We have seen difficult times, and we have seen improvement in the economy. We have seen millions of people lifted out of poverty, cities with modern facilities are being constructed; and we have witnessed the hosting of the Beijing Olympic Games, and […]

A total of 9,704 athletes from 45 countries and regions, 4,983 team officials, 4,191 technical officials and 9,939 journalists congregated in Guangzhou, China, for the largest-ever Asian Games in history. In all, 28 countries and regions pocketed gold, and 36 took home at least one medal, China daily reported. The show began with the theme […]

The Kashmir issue, for half a century has been on the agenda of the United Nations – it is still an unresolved palaver. The people of Kashmir have a much longer history struggling for freedom than the peoples of other parts of the region. The Kashmiris, who have been victim of suppression and were exploited by […]

Georgia and Iran agreed to eliminate visa restrictions and resume direct flights between Tbilisi and Tehran, according to the Los Angeles Times. “This new open-border policy comes at a time when Iran — facing a fresh round of European, U.S., and Russian-backed sanctions, internal unrest and an array of external military threats — is desperate […]

After decades of ice between the two great powers in the East, it seems that relations have finally entered into a “melting” stage. On Sunday, top Chinese and Japanese officials met to discuss improving bilateral relations. Japanese Prime minister Naoto Kan and President Hu Jintao met at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. The […]

Leaders of the world’s top Group of 20 (G20) economies, who collectively produce over 85 percent of global wealth, meet in Seoul from November 11-12, to coordinate collective efforts aim at redressing world economies following the global recession. The meeting will be held amid general chaos in the sociopolitical and economic spheres in the world. […]

Quite a number of my Asian friends have recounted their awful experiences of discrimination while they were in some Western countries. The worst case that I have ever heard was when my Thai friend was called a “yellow monkey” in a public vehicle. Such experiences briefly mentioned above reflect an attitude of a society intoxicated […]

In recent years, the economic development of the East Asian region has been booming. The region was among the least hard hit by the financial crisis.  For example in China, although during exports did go down during the recession, the economy did not crash. This was largely because of various stimulus plans, and also the […]

US President Barack Obama begins his four-day trip to India Saturday. His wife Michelle will accompany him to the western city of Mumbai. Obama also plans to meet with the eminent Taj Mahal. It will be a meeting of the world’s biggest economy and the world’s biggest democracy, as the US and India look to deepening […]

The World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a report of the panel on Wednesday, supporting China over its complaint against measures taken by the United States which have affected imports of poultry from China, reported China Daily. The panel ruled that Section 727, the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009, applied by the US had effectively prohibited […]

A giant offshore crane salvages the Cheonan (Photo: AP)  It is now two weeks since an international inquiry blamed North Korea for the sinking of the South Korean warship ROKS Cheonan with the loss of 46 lives. An international team, comprising experts from South Korea, the US, Britain, Australia and Sweden produced parts of the […]

With a huge electronic intelligence-gathering machine at its disposal, the Chinese Navy keeps a close watch on the movements of the United States Navy in the West Sea (Yellow Sea). China’s emerging blue-sea navy is confronted with the US Seventh Fleet across the West Sea, the East China Sea and the rest of the Pacific. […]

The sinking of the South Korean warship Cheonan on 26 March was an American false flag operation aimed at creating a dispute with China to use as a pretext to raise barriers to Chinese imports, suspend interest payments on US debt held by the Chinese and force Beijing to revalue the renminbi to reduce China’s […]

The sinking of the Cheonan: Another Gulf of Tonkin incident Part I THE SINKING OF THE CHEONAN. ANOTHER GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT N KOREA-MODE?  The Gulf of TonkiMonday, May 31, 2010 n Incident, in 1964, was a major turning point in US military involvement in Vietnam. It authorized Prezi Johnson by the Gulf of Tonkin […]

The new technical assessment concludes the deadly explosion was caused by a US manufactured rising sea mine during the military drill. May 29, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) – Overwhelming evidence now implicate the United States for the sinking of a South Korean military vessel on March 26 in the Yellow Sea. An independent investigation conducted by Chinese […]

WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia suspect that the March attack on the South Korean Navy anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvette, the Cheonan, was a false flag attack designed to appear as coming from North Korea. One of the main purposes for increasing tensions on the Korean peninsula was to apply pressure on Japanese Prime Minister Yukio […]

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