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The Chinese opium trade of the 19th Century was instrumental to the early incarnation of the global Crime Syndicate and put it into high gear. It was just the right degree of exploitative criminality, deep-state intelligence and enormous looting to launch, enrich and link the progenitors of today’s system. To review, during the first quarter […]

Judging by the developments of recent several years, Mustafa Kemal’s dream of a secular Turkish nation-state is, of not yet dead, then certainly on life support. Recent Turkish governments but particularly president Erdogan have changed course toward transforming Turkey into…something else. It is not yet clear what the new Turkey will look like, though it […]

After almost two decades of discussion, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will be proclaimed on 31st December. The AEC is a potentially significant and competitive economic region, should it be allowed to develop according to the aspiration of being a “single market and production base, with free flow of services, investments, and labour, by the […]

Myanmar: Trading in the Devil You Know… Myanmar held elections early November as the capstone of a wider range of “reforms” it has undertaken as an apparent means of escaping decades of sanctions leveled against it by the West. Predictably, the National League of Democracy (NLD) headed by the Western vaunted, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate […]

Part I Because of the Turkish government’s role in the multi-spectrum US-led war against the Syrian Arab Republic, a war of words has ignited between Ankara and Moscow. Russia, however, is not alone in accusing Turkey of being involved in the theft of Syrian and Iraqi oil. Turkish opposition politicians, Turkish media, and various governments […]

As promised, on December 5th the centre of Seoul again became a scene for the new series of anti-government protests. The participants came out against the policy of the current Korean President – Park Geun-hye. They severely criticized, in particular, the reforms in labour legislation which she had initiated, as well as her project of […]

With the 115 year old tradition of the annual Army-Navy football classic on Saturday, the so called “America’s game” and “rivalry for the ages” is now once again upon us. This occasion never fails to pay reverent homage to America’s so called “cream of the crop” elitist military academies and always from the president to […]

“Will the Northern Sea Route become a ‘Silk Road’”? In the first part of this series dedicated to the trade routes between East Asia and Europe, the Southern sea route through which the vast majority of cargo between two hubs of the global economy flows was discussed. It was also shown how the leadership of […]

Erdogan is claiming he stole no oil. He has threatened to resign if he receives proof. There is little doubt that Erdogan is insane, those who have been watching his dance of death with ISIS have known this all along. However, while Erdogan talks only of oil, there are other issues to note as well. […]

The NATO allies have flatly refused to side with Turkey in its conflict with Russia. Now Ankara is urgently looking for new opportunities to boost its influence in the region and divert the Russia’s attention making it face other «fronts». Turkey has no time to lose as the relations with Moscow may deteriorate further. It […]

On Mass Protests in South Korea November 14 saw central Seoul become the scene of anti-government protests and clashes between protesters and the police – the most violent since the summer of 2008. Back then the capital gathered to stand up against imports of US beef, which were believed to be at risk from contamination […]

Turkey’s leadership, including President Erdogan and his family, is involved in illegal oil trade with Islamic State militants, says the Russian Defense Ministry, stressing that Turkey is the final destination for oil smuggled from Syria and Iraq. The Russian Defense Ministry held a major briefing on new findings concerning IS funding in Moscow on Wednesday. […]

Themes of security in Northeast Asia and the Korean Peninsula cannot be viewed as secluded issues from the rest of Asia, the Eurasia landmass, and, even more broadly, the rest of the world.  Northeast Asia’s security and Korean security must be examined within the framework of the international rivalries and power politics taking place between […]

Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. Three cheers for people of Sarawak, Malaysia for making English the state’s official language, besides preserving the status of Bahasa Malaysia. This move makes a lot of sense than the game the federal government is playing vis-à-vis the refusal to insist the teaching of strategic school subjects in the English Language. Although […]

One of the greatest threats to world peace is the US Defence Secretary The US Navy Times headline of 5 November summed up Washington’s policy as regards the South China Sea by recording that «Pentagon chief takes jab at China with aircraft carrier stop». This interesting aspect of America’s official policy about China was one result of the visit by US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an enormous aircraft carrier in the South China Sea where, ten days previously, on 27 October, the guided missile destroyer USS Lassen had been ordered to try to provoke China to react to a deliberate, coat-trailing confrontational incursion into territorial waters claimed by China.

The U.S. says it is defending freedom of navigation; really it just wants to limit China’s power in the South China Sea.   On Oct 27, the USS Lassen, a guided-missile destroyer, intruded within 12 nautical miles of Zhubi [Subi] Reef in China’s Nansha [Spratly] Islands in the name of conducting freedom-of-navigation operations. On November […]

After a series of coordinated terror attacks in Paris, the Islamic State of Levant left the “city of light” in dark. Only hours later, world leaders began the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey. International media was quick to report that the terrorist attacks in France will dominate the G20 conference. Nevertheless, no military agenda should […]

When the “Hague Court” recently announced that it had “jurisdiction” over Philippines’ arbitral claims against China, many reported the decision as a victory for the Philippines and as a triumph of the “rule of law.” I beg to differ. On the contrary, the Court has muddled, not upheld, international law, and by trivializing the states’ […]

The past year of 2014 is best remembered for a serious attempt to put pressure on North Korea for its observance of “human rights” in the country. And although the projects of Marzuki Darusman and Sonja Biserko,1) on the whole, failed, because of, inter alia, the false testimony of one of the “key witnesses”, the […]

SEOUL, South Korea — Police fired tear gas and water cannons Saturday as they clashed with anti-government demonstrators who marched through Seoul in the largest protest in South Korea’s capital in more than seven years, leaving a protester critically injured. About 70,000 people marched from various locations in Seoul to an area near City Hall, […]

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