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  U.S. Considers Faster Pullout in Afghanistan – For info, the reason Afghanistan was targeted for war years before 9-11 is that UNOCAL wants to run a pipeline to the Caspian Sea to avoid Iran, and needs to run it through Afghanistan. But the nation is tribal, with areas controlled by different so-called “warlords” […]

Political crisis deepens amid failure of neo-colonial state to address people’s needs At least 54 people have been reported killed outside the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo on the morning of July 8. Witnesses from the ongoing sit-in organized by the Muslim Brotherhood demanding the return of President Mohamed Morsi to office say that the shooting was unprovoked and resulted in the deaths of innocent men, women and children. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) which seized power on July 3 immediately denied responsibility for the massacre and claimed that their soldiers were attacked by armed people within the crowd. Military spokespersons say that their forces were merely acting in self-defense against purported “terrorists.”

Observers of Middle East politics have often said allegiances in the region shift as fast as the desert sands. And nothing substantiates that metaphor as much as the relationship between Israel and Turkey that went from warm to ice cold and now to a lukewarm «marriage of convenience». The two erstwhile friends are now working in an […]

A deadly shooting at the site of a sit-in by Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo, demanding the reinstatement of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, has left dozens of people dead. The Egyptian health ministry said at least 42 people had been killed and more than 300 injured in the incident early on Monday morning. Mohamed Mohamed […]

Violent clashes spread in Egypt as US backs army coup The Journal called for Washington to “help Egypt gain access to markets, international loans, and investment capital. The US now has a second chance to use its leverage to shape a better outcome. Egyptians would be lucky if their new ruling generals turn out to be in the mold of Chile’s Augusto Pinochet, who took power amid chaos but hired free-market reformers and midwifed a transition to democracy.” Clashes spread throughout Egypt yesterday as security forces cracked down on protests by supporters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) President Mohamed Mursi, who was ousted in a coup Wednesday. The coup—launched with US support to end mass protests against Mursi and pre-empt the development of a political movement in the working class—now threatens to plunge Egypt into civil war.

Only a Few hours after the Egyptians managed to get their elected president, Mohammad Morsi, to leave amidst massive protests of millions, Israeli security leaders expressed worry that the honeymoon era with Egypt is over.  Senior security and political leaders in Tel Aviv lamented what they call an era of “good security cooperation” with the […]

New Opposition Leader, Saudi-Arabia – based, “Independent” Ahmed Assi Jaber endorsed by U.S. State Department. Reports about increased insurgent activities in Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Golan indicate new political and military campaign against Syria in August  and September 2013.      Towards a Transitional Government. The foreign-backed Syrian Opposition has elected the Saudi-Arabia – based, “independent”, […]

Interview with Michel Chossudovsky     Press TV has conducted an interview with Michel Chossudovsky, Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal about the coup d’état by the Egyptian military that has deposed the elected Morsi government after large anti-government protests arose. “We must understand that from 1991 to the present – over a 20-year period, […]

Egypt is currently at a dangerous crossroads which could evolve towards a civil war. It is important to understand Washington’s role, which is carried out by the Pentagon and US intelligence. While the Armed Forces have cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood,  the Coup d’Etat is ultimately intended to manipulate the protest movement and prevent […]

Egypt hits first snag over PM, Islamists call more protests       CAIRO (Reuters) – The appointment of liberal Egyptian politician Mohamed ElBaradei as interim prime minister hit a snag on Saturday, as the army-backed transitional authorities were under pressure to restore order after deadly Islamist protests. State media and officials had said earlier […]

Morsi’s Fall and the «Arab Summer» Spells Doom for the Obama Doctrine President Barack Obama’s policy toward the Arab and Muslim world was born in Cairo and it died there. On June 4, 2009, Obama gave his speech, titled «A New Beginning», at Cairo University. The event, intended to herald America’s mending of relations with the Arab […]

    Anak!   Egypt July 2013 Prayers amidst a coup d’état Predatory States: Operation Condor and Covert War in Latin America   “To fill one’s mouth with water”* is a Hebrew idiom meaning “refusing to comment.” It successfully describes the reaction of the Israeli Administration and the Hebrew media to the ongoing putsch in […]

“[US Defense Secretary] Hagel and [US Chief of Staff General] Dempsey were walking a fine line … expressing concern while attempting to avoid the impression that the U.S. was manipulating events behind the scenes.” (, July 3, 2013) The protest movement is directed against the US and its proxy Muslim Brotherhood regime. The Muslim Brotherhood had been spearheaded into the government with the support of Washington as a “replacement” rather than an “alternative” to Hosni Mubarak, who had faithfully obeyed the orders of the Washington Consensus from the outset of his presidency.

Egypt’s Anti-American Protest Movement The swift action by Egypt’s military to arrest Mohamed Morsi and key leaders of his Muslim Brotherhood organization on July 3 marks a major setback for Washington’s “Arab Spring” strategy of using political Islam to spread chaos from China through Russia across the energy-rich Middle East. Morsi rejected the Defense Minister‘s demand that he quit to avert a bloodbath. He said he stood by his “constitutional dignity” and demanded the army’s withdrawal of its ultimatum. It may become the major turning point of America’s decline as world Sole Superpower when future generations of historians view events.

For further references for our global readers to find more about what’s really happening in Egypt:   Counter-Revolution in Egypt   Fears of a ‘counter-revolution’ in Egypt …   What we are seeing in Egypt is counter-revolution pure and simple, military hardliners who are going to be friendly with Israel and the US, and are committing […]

Egypt’s Support for Intervention in Syria Was the Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back The protests in Egypt against president Mohammed Morsi were – according to the BBC – the largest in history. The Egyptian military threw Morsi out in a coup today. Why? Irish Times reports: Army concern about the way President Mohamed Morsi was governing Egypt reached tipping point when the head of state attended a rally packed with hardline fellow Islamists calling for holy war in Syria, military sources have said. Mr Morsi himself called for foreign intervention in Syria against Mr Assad,leading to a veiled rebuke from the army, which issued an apparently bland but sharp-edged statement the next day stressing that its only role was guarding Egypt’s borders.

Millions spilled out on to the streets of Egypt to demand the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi on the first anniversary of his inauguration, with sporadic outbreaks of violence leaving over a dozen dead and hundreds injured. Click here for RT’s live updates on the Egyptian protests On Monday, protesters stormed and ransacked the Cairo […]

On June 30 opposition political forces in Egypt brought people into the streets demanding early elections and the resignation of the Muslim Brotherhood dominated government headed by President Mohamed Morsi. Despite Morsi’s efforts to defend his views through the national media, the legacy of neo-colonialism in this North African state persists necessitating afirm break with imperialism as a pre-condition for the […]

Press TV has conducted an interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor of Pan-African Newswire from Detroit, about street protests and US flag burning in South Africa over US war and torture policies as President Obama pays a visit to the country. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview. Click for the video interview of […]

US President Barack Obama began his African tour in a bid to strengthen ties and investment opportunities. But experts say the task might prove difficult as China already has significant influence in the region and US is forced to play catch-up. Obama arrived in Senegal on Wednesday and is also set to visit South Africa and Tanzania. The president’s tour is happening as US is taking on a bigger military role in Africa, RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reported. “We hear about new drone bases popping up on the African continent in countries whose governments receive aid from the US in one form or another. We hear US arming and training US security forces in a number of states in Africa, then we learn how some of those forces commit horrible atrocities and yet the US does not stop to take a second to look who they empower,” Chichakyan said.

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