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The coalition nations which hastily launched attacks on Libya are now bickering among themselves. A wave of wrangling is sweeping across the so-called major powers that pushed for the destruction of Col Gaddafi’s country. The U.S., UK, and France are strongly divided over one issue: who is to lead the command for the destitution of […]

The son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi accused Western powers of making a “big mistake” by carrying out airstrikes against the country. Saif al-Islam Gadhafi told ABC’s “This Week” programme on Sunday. He said if the US wanted to help the Libyan people they should “liberate Benghazi from the militia and the terrorists”. Saif al-Islam, […]

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has decided to replace a trio of South African referees led by Jérôme Damon, 37, ahead of the Senegal-Cameroon African Cup of Nations qualifying clash scheduled to hold in Dakar on March 26, after Cameroon officials challenged the professionalism of Damon, who had officiated a couple of games involving […]

During a recent meeting the African Union’s Peace and Security Council decided to back Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in his efforts to keep the situation in the country under control in spite of the decisions by the Arab League and the UN on sanctions against Libyan government. The African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council […]

Many countries in the world on Thursday voiced their opposition to any military intervention in unrest-torn Libya amid increasing calls for enforcing a no-fly zone over the North African country. The Syrian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Damascus was against all forms of external intervention in Libya’s affairs, and stressed respect for its […]

Army kills three men and one woman as thousands of women protest against Laurent Gbagbo holding onto power. Marches by thousands of women in protest at Ivory Coast‘s president Laurent Gbagbo have ended in bloodshed after his army killed four people. The women made their stand on International Women’s Day, less than a week after […]

 Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi addressed his supporters at a televised public rally in Tripoli on Wednesday, according to the Libyan state TV. Earlier on, Gaddafi replaced two of his ministers who had defected to support the anti- government protests, Libyan state TV said on Wednesday. Gaddafi appointed Masoud Abdel Hafiz instead of Abdel Fattah Younes […]

Libya is drowning in blood. A vivid picture of awful massacres in Benghazi, hundreds of innocent people killed, military attacking protesters, and a monstrous picture of the country’s leader Muammar Gaddafi who was said to be able to use chemical weapons against the citizens, was created by foreign media organizations, among them, Al-Jazeera. However, the […]

Egypt want next month’s crucial 2012 Africa Cup of Nations clash with South Africa rescheduled because of the recent upheaval in their country. The African champions will write to the Caf this week to plead for the 26 March away game to be postponed. The country’s league has been halted because of the uprising which […]

Current revolutionary activities in the Middle East and Northern Africa have led analysts divided over the existing models of social development, with others pointing disapprovingly to the Beijing Consensus. What may now become the ideological battle of the century revolves around two views:  an effective central government that plays a crucial role in the economy of the country […]

Uganda’s Electoral Commission (EC) on Sunday declared incumbent President Yoweri Museveni as winner of Friday’s general elections, extending his 25 years in power. Museveni, one of Africa’s longest serving leaders won by 68.38 percent of the vote in the polls, which the opposition has described as “sham.” Museveni, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate […]

While the West has approved the democratic will of the people of Tunisia and Egypt, there are still many oddities in the reasons and events of the revolutions in the countries. As Aleksey Kornilov noted  in his article for the Russian Magazine, Tunisia was not the richest country, but according to the scale of the […]

China can play a positive role in revitalizing southern Sudan after voters there overwhelmingly decided to establish Africa’s newest country, analysts said. The South Sudan Referendum Commission on Monday announced the final results of a Jan 9-15 referendum saying that 98.83 percent of the voters had supported separation. Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir said his […]

Hosni Mubarak has sacked the Egyptian Government and is trying to cling on to his position as president. Is this enough? The Chief of Intelligence, Omar Suleiman is sworn in as Vice President but how are the people going to react? The question arising in Egypt today is how far the people want to go. […]

The ongoing Tunisian Intifada (uprising) cannot yet quite be termed a revolution; Tunisians are still revolting, aspiring for bread and freedom. This Intifada will go in history as a revolution if it gets either bread or freedom and as a great revolution if it gets both. Internally, “the one constant in revolutions is the primordial […]

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya: Sudan is a diverse nation and a country that represents the plurality of Africa through various tribes, clans, ethnicities, and religious groups. Yet the unity of Sudan is in question, while there is talk of unifying nations and of one day creating a United States of Africa through the African Union. […]

The wave of protests against high prices, and unemployment especially among the youth – sparked by a 26-year-old graduate who set himself on fire after police prevented him from selling fruits and vegetables, have been blamed on bad governance, ‘illiberal and unreformed Arab rule’ by many in western countries. “Protests in Tunisia and Algeria are part of […]

Ghana, a West African nation is ranked the fastest growing economy in the world and tops the chart of the  top 12 fastest growing economies for 2011. Liberia, Angola, Ethiopia, and Mozambique are other African countries that have been ranked in the group of fastest growing economies. The others are from Asia, while none of the developed […]

If all goes as scheduled, the destiny of the largest country in Africa – Sudan, will be determined on January 9, 2011 when the people of Southern Sudan vote in a referendum to either split (secede), or to remain united as a single country.  But it is appalling that even before the vote, western media […]

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