A Good Riddance! The Ignominious Downfall of Park Dynasty in S. Korea

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Dale Han | Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 8:06 Beijing

A Like (Park pere, the brutal despot) Breeds the Like (Park fils, a my-way-or-the-highway queen)

In the morning on March 21 2017 Park GH, the impeached/sacked but unrelenting/remorseless former S. Korean President, was forced ignominiously to perp-walk at the photo-line in the front gate of the Prosecutor’s office and spit out defiantly a short comment…”I am sorry for the people and I will cooperate with the investigation sincerely .” 

Even though the South Korean media termed the appearance of the perpetrator as casually/innocuously as the “photo-line” standing, the event is a Korean version of ‘perp-walking’ in the United State, especially in the New York City, where notorious gangsters/corrupt cops/pot-bellied and crooked elites are being paraded or walking into or out of police station, court house etc. where a perpetrator is made to perform for the photo-op for the journalists and TV cameramen.

And again, she had a reckless temerity to declare the third times that she’d cooperate sincerely with the investigation, after she reneged on her promises twice while she was immune to be prosecuted as the Prez.

The photo showed clearly her two bloodshot eyeballs as if she just had a red-eye all-night commercial flight sitting in an economy class seat…she appeared to have wept all night and gnashed her teeth, no matter how diligently her coiffeuse worked hard for her upright hair styles elegant.

In her perp-walk, she held both hands tight together as if she was ready to be cuffed…as if her confidante-cum-co-conspirator, Choi, Soonsil/co-defendants of a dozen Pooh-Bahs from the highest echelon, Presidential Secretaries, Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers…Choi, Park, Cho, Kim, Ahn, Chung, Lee, et al…an epitome of typical Korean surnames appearing in the indictment displays clearly how the scandal reached out every nook and corner in the elite upper class in the S. Korean power structure…they all had performed many “photo-line” show-times, with both cuffed/held by prison guards that South Korean six-packs enjoy the rare opportunity to entertain their overwhelming degree of shadenfreude against the privileged elite clan.

The writing was on the wall…she was sinking gradually into the deep water off the Southern coast of the nation, while the sunken Sewolho, the ferry boat with 300-something passengers dead and 9 others bodies still missing, was about to be lifted from the sea and taken to the port for the inspection. While Park fils hid from the eyes of S. Koreans for seven long hours during the critical rescue operation of the sinking ferryboat, it was alleged that she was undergoing the facial lifting surgery at her palace…a serious dereliction of her duty as a nation’s president to protect the lives of her people. Would she do the same thing when she’s got informed that her parents got killed by an assassin?

People wonder what made their president such a cold-blooded/nasty/haughty/uncouth woman…and people rolled their eyes and despaired in grief when they realized that they were the ones whom they had picked her as their supreme leader and command-in-chief with a majority vote.

The acting chief justice of the Constitutional Court sternly gave a verdict: “You Are Fired!!”, while she was hiding behind the tall walls of her Palace, refusing to accept the impeachment announcement by the Court…she didn’t seem to hear people’s voice of her removal from the office…she seems to be in a daydreaming that her deceased mentor-cum-exorcist would lift her up to the other world. But the reality eventually sets in when she was called in for investigation by the state prosecutors.

It seems to be imperative to go several decades back to the era of the main culprit’s father, the absolute autocrat/a pro-Jap traitor-cum-sellout/a lifetime despot, in order for foreigners/younger generation of S. Koreans to be able to figure out why this aloof/nonchalant/ obstinate/cold-hearted spinster queen holds such a mean-spirited/blockheaded/aristocratic  personhoodand how arrogantly she has been engaged with her people in a manner of my way or the highway, as if she still lives in a nostalgic but long-gone/happy-go-lucky castle where her father snatched with guns/tanks from the legit resident.

At the castle, she was nurtured/cultured/solicited/advanced to be a ‘somebody’, say, a princess/heiress who would not rub shoulders or tittle-tattle with the Joe Blows. There has been an episode to reveal how she’s been unaware of common people’s daily chores…during the election campaign tour to the old-fashion food market, she approached a street vendor who solicited the client to sell a basket of potatoes and asked the old grandma vendor while holding a potato to close to her nose how she could make grandma’s merchandise to be cooked and make it edible…obviously she did not know how a potato looks like while she enjoys to eat potato chips/mashed potato salad at the presidential palace.

In other words, she has never been a “nine-to-five” and “five-days a week” working girl after her putative academic years…she had no close friend to associate with/ to go to the movie theatre/no mentor’s shoulder to cry on/ ask a help when her mother was shot to death…instead her PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  was miraculously taken care of in an abracadabra rendezvous with the Buddhist monk-turned-Christian pastor-turned-shaman who’s been married with half dozen women and sired also half dozen kids, one of whom became later a closest confidante when she was crowned to be an El Presidente. It was alleged that the shaman and Park stayed many times in a locked room together for over three hours with no one dares to intervene the shaman’s hanky-panky spiritual treatment. (The Wikileak revealed that the US Embassy in Seoul sent their telegraph report to the State Department that the Princess was enslaved in body and soul by the shaman, named Choi, Taemin during her formative years, and also the S. Korean CIA warned her father that Mr. Choi should be removed from his routine rendezvous with the princess.)

Mr. Choi was a S. Korean product of Grigori Rasputin, a Russian mystic who possessed an insatiable sexual drive and was a favorite spiritual mentor for the doomed last emperor/empress of the Romanov Dynasty. As Russian mystic‘s degree of influence that exerted over the Tsar and his wife reached to the sky’s the limit where he became synonymous with power/debauchery/lust/greed, the S. Korean equivalent of Grigori Rasputin, Mr. Choi has been babysitting a lonely-hearts princess over her body and soul, and later continued to guide the thumb-sucking princess how to bamboozle/stash away beau-coup money for the rainy days in the future.

When Park pere was gunned down by his closest underling, the Director of Korean Central Intelligence Agency, he was in a sexual dalliance with two girls (a college student and a singer) at the safe-house of the KCIA, an infamously brutal/atrocious entity that Park pere formulated in order to guarantee his life-time Presidency…one of episodes illustrated how the head of S. Korean Conglomerate (Chaebol) was subjected to a humiliating torture at the Namsan torture chamber of the KCIA …his thick mustache was pulled one by one by the agent for hours until he finally knelt down to seek for mercy and to pay up millions of slush fund to Park pere.

Another episode seems to be a piles of bullshit…during the court procedure in the trial of Park pere assassination, the KCIA boss who killed Park pere claimed that he did kill Park pere in order to stop the illegal/corrupt relationship between Park fils and her shaman mentor Choi…it seems to be a Bah Humbug to try to save his neck or to place his name on the list of patriots to save the nation posthumously.

Instead he was rather a patsy/fall guy who was solicited/flamed/endorsed by the USCIA to do the dirty job in return for his power grab. There have been numerous occasions that illustrated such cases around the world, Congo, Egypt, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, et al. Why not South Korea?  

Park pere was, at that time, a pain in the ass for Uncle Sam…he tried to acquire the uranium/technology for the production of nuclear bombs which irked/irritated US Prez Jimmy Carter who disliked Park pere and wanted his puppet to go away and disappear.  

At any rate, the real culprit to teach/ learn the rope in dealing/associating with lowly people for Park fils was no other than Park pere…when a lonesome Princess has been functioning as a stand-in first lady role after her mother took the bullet in behalf of dreadful tyrant father, she’s been genetically inherited/culturally fashioned to follow as much as the every steps of her father’s arbitrary/bloodthirsty/tyrannical qualities in dealing with people during the reins of her own government several decades later…adamantly refusing to acknowledge that the glorious(?) days during her father’s era of autocracy was long gone and Park pere regime was not a benign/nation-building entity but a corrupt/dictatorial/arbitrary carbon copy of the Japanese Meizi Restoration Movement.

It has been often said/praised that the current economic prosperity in S. Korea is overwhelmingly attributed to the successful industrial development policy sustained by Park pere regime’s iron-fisted/no-nonsense/cruel implementation that required the dreadful sacrifices of common and the unprivileged people…as Park pere buried in grave still enjoys the enthusiastic popularity by the older farts who still live in 20th Century when they were sent to the Vietnam War as a horde of mercenaries to steal money and valuables from the Vietnamese people,  Park fils wanted to enter into politics in order to rehabilitate her father’s damaged image of the dreadful despot…her first attempt was to fix the nagging problem over the comfort woman issues in which her father unceremoniously pocketed a lump sum compensation fund from the Japanese Government in toto in 1965…Park pere was alleged to appropriate the fund for his personal bank to dispense for the grunting/squealing hogs of former  Generals/politicians/supporters…and some were used to pave the Highway between Seoul and Pusan, the first glorious landmark of S. Korean Development.

However, Park fils was no match to Jap’s Prime Minister Shinjo Abe whose grandfather happened to be Park pere mentor/guide to the S. Korean Industrialization…Abe was also a senior capo in the Uncle Sam’s Mafioso Club where the rule of engagement among capos has been determined by the Boss Uncle Sam according to their interests and benefits that contribute to the management of the full spectrum dominance in global scale.

And the Japanese Government adamantly refused to admit that they were responsible for the Comfort Women’s forceful recruitment in the first place and Park fils failed to induce Jap’s formal apology on the matter.

One of the enduring/powerful entities that exerts/influences the S. Korean society for decades since the liberation from the Japanese colonial era has been called “Conglomerates or Chaebol” that were the main pillar of S. Korean Industrial Complex, the lifeline of S. Koreans…they were so-called S. Korean version of Rothschild/Rockefeller/J.P. Morgan Chase/George Solo/ Wall Street/Military Industrial Complex that hold tight grips around the necks of S. Korean people. They include who’s who of S. Korean business entities… Samsung/LG/SK/Hyundai/SsangYong/Doosan et al.

And every President of S. Korean President has treated/dealt with the Conglomerates as their personal bankers…that is, when he needs some pocket money, he just calls in one of head of the business entity or the Conglomerate Federation and demand to pay up his slush funds…the transaction used to be consummated either with some favors to the business or a promise to take care about the business deals with the government contract or other freebies.

If there ever were any resistance against Prez’s solicitation, the head of the Conglomerate would be called in on the carpet at the KCIA torture chamber or prosecutors office in the Justice Department for an education class studies run by a rogue element of the interrogation team.

And Park pere was a specialist to browbeat/pirate the enormous amount of slush fund from the Conglomerate at will and any time…and he thought it is a legitimate business transaction…as I scratch your back, and then you should scratch my back, because he gave a lot of special help for the Conglomerate making big profit in a various ways of giving tax evasion, a loose regulation, or turn the blind eyes toward the illegal business transaction among the Conglomerates that eventually rip off the pockets of common people who are an ignorant nobody…a hordes of headless sheeple that gather/follow/obey to the demand of a shepherd, always compliant populace waving the flags and not asking questions.

As a Like breeds the Like, Park fils had learned the rope from her father how to make the Conglomerates foot the bills while she played a role of the first ladyship for several years and, later when she rose up the podium of the Presidency to replace his predecessor, she employed some refined methods to finagle the slush funds under the guise of “a bonafide service for S. Korean people.”

Since Mr. Syngman Rhee, the first President of S. Korea was inaugurated by the good offices of General Douglas MacArthur as a puppet to the US Empire, each/every S. Korean Governments for over half a century have become a neo-colonial vassal state to the USA with no exception.

When Park pere overthrew the democratically elected government with a military coup d’état, the US Government was not pleased to find that Park pere was a communist cadre/convicted/sentenced to die/but pardoned and reinstated into the army during the Korean War.

However, Park pere was a genuine quality of a sell-out/betrayer/no-nonsense and toady servant who kowtows to anyone, Japs, Uncle Sam, or Marx-Lenin whoever comes first and gives him an authority to become a comprador…his first allegiance was toward the Japanese Emperor… “I have the mindset and spirit befitting a Japanese subject and am willing to give my life for Emperor.” He made a pledge of allegiance written in blood to the Japanese army in 1939 when the Koreans were in colonial thrall of the Japanese Empire.

His second (clandestine) promise was when he joined the communist party membership when he was an officer in the S. Korean Army in the 1950s and the third followed swiftly when he was pardoned/re-instated from the conviction that he became the communist party member. The fourth and the last one was for a pledge to become a comprador for Uncle Sam and agreed to send thousands of S. Korean young men to fight/die in the neo-colonial Vietnam War.

Park pere seems to enjoy keeping his life-time Presidency intact no matter whatever high price he has to pay…for one example, he betrayed/murdered his own respected/elder mentor-cum-comrade by way of the judicial homicide when the ex-mentor came down to see him from the North carrying the letter by Kim Il-Sung of North Korea in the 1960s when he’s still struggling to keep his fragile military government alive. The emissary was a close friend/comrade of his one-and-only revered brother who was gunned down by the S. Korean police forces during the riot against the Syngman Rhee regime in 1948.

In addition, he sold down his comrades in the army by providing the list of the communist party membership to the military CID in return for saving his neck.

Park fils was no exception in keeping her head above water by sacrificing her blood brother and sister…she reneged on her God-forsaken brother/sister in limbo of neglect and oblivion, because they might do some no good/hanky-panky activities to harm her reputation…instead, she picked up her exorcist-shaman’s daughter, Choi, Soonsil, as a shadowy confidante who is surely taking her into a pen for life.

Again, a Like breeds the Like…someone said that Park is an adolescent with a sexagenarian body with a tendency to act out when she was challenged.

I hope she will grow older and smarter to comprehend/learn during her stay in the pen how she has been arbitrarily reckless and helpless in dealing with common people and she is paying also the price of her despotic father’s judicial murders of innocent people.

Don’t get upset/ try to find how Joe Blows live a life/so that you’d live a life of common people when you’d ever get out the pen. You’re now a NOBODY..  

***My two-cent addendum on the up-coming S. Korean Presidential Election and Donald Trump***

I would not hesitate to give a high five on the candle-light movement for the expulsion of Park fils and I venture to place it further on the same pedestal with the 4:19 people’s revolution to expel Syngman Rhee, a purring lapdog for Uncle Sam.

The only trouble I see in the coming Presidential Election in S. Korea is not the disturbance by the old farts of disappearing crowd of Park-loyalists or the dying remnants of the Vietnam mercenaries…but I see there are no candidates who has the “temerity” to be able to say toward Uncle Sam “NO!!”, when Donald Trump, a rabble-rouser/megalomaniac/wheeler-dealer yells “sicc’em!” to the South against the North.

It is true that Donald Trump is a real face of America…he’s different from other pols like Clinton, Obama, Reagan, Nixon, Kennedy, Eisenhower et al…in a way that all were a wolf in sheep’s clothing…except that Trump is a wolf in wolf’s clothing…Trump is an honest face of ugly Americans…greedy/bragging/domineering/boorish/arrogant/ignorant/xenophobic creature.

Americans are sick to the American Dream that every American should become a rich man and other lesser people around the globe are here on earth to serve for the happiness of Americans.

A lot of S. Koreans became antsy that Trump is unpredictable and he may engage in the first strike against the North’s A-bomb factories/missile siloes…worrying that another Korean war is on the horizon.

First of all, you should not forget that the North Korea is NOT a Numero Uno enemy to the USA… someone said that the North Korean matter is mere a case of pustule in international politics and not all people around the world believe that this  small isolated country is a threat to the world even with nuclear bombs/ICBMs.

In addition, an ill-prepared Trump would be too busy to do an unpredictable/military engagement against a so-called pariah state with no guarantee to bring about any fruitful results but tons of dead bodies.

After all, he’s a superb businessman/deal-maker…he’s got too full of both hands to tackle various/imminent/internal matters to deal with years to come…until 2020 when he’s faced with another dog-and-pony show for the next presidential election.  

For him, there are many things to take care of or to engage in various foreign policies to be made as a Global Hegemon…and some analyst holds a wishful thinking and hope that Trump may talk with the North’s Kim the Third over a Mac’s Hamburger…Nah…over my dead body, but yes, he is, first, a deal maker when he find his enemy is too strong and determined to fight rather than to surrender, and second, he can be a bully on the bloc intimidating and making a weakling cry Uncle.

One thing is quite sure to me: the US Foreign Policy under the Trump Administration would not change its course…I mean he’d continue to extend the concept of “American Exceptionalism” as it has been a Global Hegemon: it simply changes the tactics.

The sad part is that a gathering of the S. Korean milquetoast pols like Moon/Ahn/Liu/Lee do not carry/demand the return of the US OPCON from the American Generals… let alone the withdrawal of THAAD missiles or the 30.000 something USFK.

The shrimp (Korean) whose back gets broken in a fight between whales (Uncle Sam, Japs, Chink)…this is the enduring reality that all Koreans, North or South, have to share to suffer as a pawn in the global chess games among US/JAPS/CHINA/Russia…Tell me please why aren’t there any Korean-version of Castro/Che/Chaves/Mandela/Gandhi/Mao/Chomsky who may lead us for the unification of the nation?

***I have a confession to make with regard to Trump’s Presidency…one year ago, I made a prediction that Trump will be the next President against my friend’s ‘over-my-dead-body’/fierce rebuttalI’d rather have wanted to see the American Empire burning to the ground under the Trump Presidencybecause I saw him such an unpredictable/rabble-rousing/provocative bullfshit to spit out this and that nonsenses from the both ends of his mouth that Trump will ruin the America.

It was true that Trump was chosen overwhelmingly by the massive votes from the White Trashes Americans in the ‘Real America’ States that give the middle-finger to the coastal elite clan of the privileged people.

And I found later that he is not what I thought he would be…such an unruly braggart/an ill-prepared Emperor/a fifth Avenue Sybarite. He is more smarter/cunning/entrepreneurial than other elite pols like Clinton/Obama/Romney of traditional Washington insiders…I mean he is a superb businessman who knows how to make a deal/consummates the favorite/profitable transactions with his counterpart (enemy), bringing home a bonanza…not an endless row of coffins draped with American Flags to his people, unless he faces his fate at the end of rope in four years.

Let’s see and wait what he brings to the world.



Dale Han, Toronto Canada



The 4th Media



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