First thoughts on not-Hillary election results

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So I just woke up and found that the world has changed. World War III was called off.

My “not Hillary” prediction for the election was right. That is, I believe, how Trump won. No so much by gaining genuine votes but by taking them from the crappiest candidate the Democrats could send into the race. This was not a “white vote”.

Trump did better with black (+5) and latino (+2) voters than Romney. Racism does not explain that. Clinton promised more wars. Those who would have to fight them on the ground rejected that position.

The people voted against corruption, against international warmongering, against attacks of the culture of their life and against Zionist and Arab  manipulation. In short – they voted against Hillary.

The media with their outright and widespread manipulation and one sided reporting against Trump and for Clinton lost too. People did not believe the partisan crap that fact-checked Trump on every minor issue but hardly reported on the huge, huge scandals and corruption Wikileaks revealed about the Clintons. Fact-checkers ain’t a good weapon in a culture war. The polls, but the one of the LA Times, turned out to be systematic manipulation.

The leading politicians in Europe will crap their pants. Nearly all but Putin bet heavily on Clinton. The European media were also strongly pro Clinton, even more so than in the U.S. There was zero reporting about Trump’s real political positions and support.

Only tiny bits about Clinton’s corruption were revealed on the back pages. They always believe what the NYT writes is the essence of U.S. thinking. It is far from it.

No one but a few east-coast party goers and the NYT cares about some 16 year old girl, who thinks she is “transsexual” and wants to use a men’s public toilet. The average people think that such craziness deserves zero attention if not a hefty kick in the ass.

Pro-migration and other political correctness movements in Europe will have a difficult stand now. They can no longer work against the instincts of the people by pointing to the soothing, fake words of an Obama or Clinton.

The Democratic party failed. The outright corruption of the party heads, who pushed Sanders out to move Clinton in by manipulating the primaries, blocked the natural development that went on at the base.

They even wanted Trump as a candidate because they though Clinton could easily beat him. They were totally detached from real life. I am sure that post-mortem analysis will show that many, many potential pro-democratic voters were just disgusted and stayed at home or voted for a third party.

The establishment of the Republican party were no better. They failed their voters just as much by shunning Trump and working for Clinton. All the neo-cons that flocked to Clinton will now scramble to get back to Trump. They will have little chance.

But the election also created huge new dangers. People around Trump, including his vice-president, are not sane realist but fairly extreme ideologues. Trump himself isn’t. He is, in my estimate, fairly pragmatic.

The Republicans also won the Senate and House. There is a danger that extreme policies will be implemented with huge and terrible long-term consequences. But remember that Obama had the same chance in his first two years of his Presidency. He never used it. He blew it.

Winning back the House and Senate in two years is a must for anyone with some middle-of-the-road thinking.

I believe that this result is good for Syria and the non-Jihadi and non-Zonist Middle East. Al-Qaeda in Syria will have a sad. Their main supporters leave the stage. The result is likely good for Europe including for Russia. It is bad for economic equality in the United States.

I for one feel mightily eased. The U.S. voters knocked over a chessboard that brought war and misery to many people. We do not know how the new game will look but I think there is a fair chance now that it, in total, will be somewhat less devastating for the global good.

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  1. On the Road said on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 18:15

    Just read a large number of comments in various online publications. The word that struck me as being repeated over and over again was the word PEACE. This is what people want first of all. This achieved most problem can be solved. So let’s hope that Trump is not going to blow it Obama-style (Might not be a second chance). That done… we might have a real discussion on all the other problems and there are many. However… “hope” is usually less of a chance and more of of a self-deception. So let’s wait and see and keep fingers crossed.

  2. Arrow( said on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 23:09

    Since Killery was not allowed to continue Barry’s unlawful impunity, and you’ve elected the Don, what’s most important now is that you hold him to his pre-election claims. This could be the beginning of the clean-up… “drain the swamp” is the way he said it, but it will only occur if you are diligent and demanding. By voting in this election, if you did, you’ve consented to be governed (controlled). If you allow the Don to install the same neocon/Jewish advisors to direct policy nothing will have changed, and you will remain slaves to their corrupt “system” and pay for it as well. In any case, there are going to be major changes and you can help to steer the vehicle… or remain a victim.

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