An Emergency Call for Help from the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Beijing

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The 4th Media News | Friday, June 29, 2012, 15:21 Beijing

The embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Beijing presents its compliments to all Media agencies in the People’s Republic of China, and has the honor to inform them that Syria has invited the International Red Cross (IRC) to do everything possible to help evacuate the civilian population held captive by the terrorist armed groups in al-Hamidieh neighborhood in the city of Homs.

The Government of Syria has informed both the IRC and the U.N. observers that all provisions of health care, food and shelter to the evacuees have been arranged.

After five consecutive attempts to negotiate the release of those civilian hostages, the IRC has failed to convince the armed terrorist groups to allow the wounded, sick, elderly, children and those of special needs to flee their reign of violence, terror and destruction.

All attempts by the IRC to achieve this humanitarian objective during the past ten days were aborted. This is due to the categorical refusal of the armed terrorist groups, controlling the neighborhood where these civilians live, to allow any one to leave.

This behavior is yet another indicator of the true nature of these terrorist groups: monstrous and inhumane. The only purpose they serve by holding these civilians as hostages is to use them as human shields.

The Government of Syria draws the attention of the World opinion, the Security Council, the U.N. Human Rights Council and all international organizations to the horribly tragic conditions our people inHomsare living under.

We also call upon the states that continue to provide these terrorists with political, media, financial and logistical support to reconsider their positions if they truly believe that they uphold the values of humanity and international law.

We also call upon the Media outlets that continue to support these groups and whitewash their image to stop colluding with them. They have a duty to expose the true nature and horrendous crimes of the terrorist groups.

Finally,Syriaasserts its citizens that it will save no effort to end the ordeal of these civilians and to decisively prevent the terrorist groups from further shedding of Syrian blood.

The Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic avails itself of this opportunity to extend to all Media agencies in the People’s Republic of China in Beijing its highest consideration.

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