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| Tuesday, September 20, 2011, 15:59 Beijing
table 1


table 2

According to Jingan Branch of Shanghai Charity Foundation, as of September 5, 2011, the donation for 11.15 Fire is about 54.6992 million yuan, while 28.347 million yuan has been used, remaining 26.3522 million yuan.

Social donations was strictly used and managed in accordance with relevant provisions of law. There are strict procedures for receipt, and it will be indicated “donation” or explained the money was donated by the public.

The social donations were divided into three categories, such as directional donation, love helping to personal compensation and related programs, and special helping. Currently, the three programs has used 28.347 million yuan (Table 1), including special helping has 9 items (Table 2).

Shanghai Charity Foundation Jingan department introduced that the remaining 26.3522 million yuan will be paid based on the three categories.

The announced expenditure situation is processed, while the audit results will be published until all the projects have been completed and audited.

In addition, Shanghai Senior Citizens Foundation had donated 1.68 million yuan to the old people affected by Shanghai 11.15 Fire.


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